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Will anybody give me a long term online job please :(

I can be your virtual assistant,graphic designer,social media designer.

Thank you !!!

First things first: Do not insert small smileys and beg for it, people don’t like that, it doesn’t look professional it’s just as if you thought you want to do online job and people have to give it to you. Let me break it to you (and I hope I don’t sound rude), I wouldn’t hire you as a graphic designer or social media designer and sure as hell not as virtual assistant. The reason is that you need practice in all of those fields (I checked out your gigs). I saw there work of other people not yours, and your work wasn’t even half as good as those stocks. More practice and other software than paint.

This is not correct place where you promote your gigs, Go in “My Fiverr Gigs” section and promote your gigs simply :slight_smile:

Thank you !!