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"will be marked delivered in 3 days" what about when I re-deliver?

This question is for the non-beta feature of marking orders delivered in 3 days.

I deliver, says “order marked complete in 3 days”

I gather a bit more information so I add it to my report and deliver again. says “order marked complete in 3 days”

does that mean 3 days from today? or the original delivery?

If buyer doesn’t come back to accept for a long time is it possible to keep an order from completing by simply delivering again every 2.5 days?


Orders autocomplete 3-days after the last delivery. Technically, you could stop this from happening by delivering every 2.5-days. But… This looks suspicious and doesn’t really make much sense.


ok, thank you. I wouldn’t really want to in almost any circumstance. Just wanted to understand how it works, exactly.

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