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Will blocked buyers be able to purchase from me?

I’m having a tough time with this seller as he always ask for samples and then go “I changed my mind” after ghosting the idea for a few days. I tolerated him for two projects, today I kindly asked him about this current project on whether or not if he wants to continue and he turns around to say I don’t have patience for him and blames me for “bringing it up”. He just sounds really offended and salty, and I’m scared if I set up an offer to him and he would give me a bad review.

Currently we don’t have any active offers and I’m considering blocking him, if I do that, will he be able to purchase still? The fiverr forum says that it has happened but some says that it’s a bug…


The buyer will know if you blocked him. I doubt he will purchase afterwards.

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Not sure of other… I tried this… they were able to still order…

I think Buyer will not able to purchase your service again.
But if you send the buyer a custom message i thing he can but from there.

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That will be true of most people. However, I had a buyer create a new profile after I blocked her just to order from me. That woman did not know how to take a hint.


I wonder if she tipped. :yum:


Check this out:

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Oh, I wish. :rofl:

She seemed like somewhat of a confused person. Also, she wanted to have things delivered within one day even though she only paid for 3-day delivery and never talked about a deadline in our messages. She told me she was not aware of that, and I kind of believe her. I wouldn’t doubt that she didn’t read my description! She seemed like the kind of person who expects you to be a mind-reader.

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I just had a client who paid double for urgent translation. I stayed up all night doing the work and delivered it… He claims I didn’t deliver (he didn’t check the order page). I believe some people are just new to Fiverr and don’t know how the process work.

I got tipped once only.

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The norm would be that a blocked buyer can’t place orders with you. However, it seems that the system is flawed for some lucky people, and that includes me :woman_facepalming:t2:

I had a blocked buyer that was able to place 3 orders after I had blocked them, and it seems they were able to do it by clicking on the “order again” option that appears once an order is completed. They couldn’t see my gigs, nor my profile, but they were able to send me messages and place new orders by buying the same package they had chosen on previous orders.

Fortunately, I was able to contact CS and they canceled the orders for me. So I would say go ahead and block your buyer, just keep your eyes open to see if it will work out for you or not. And be prepared to contact CS if blocking him doesn’t work out as it should.