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Will buyer receive notification If I Block her?

Hello, I received an order from the buyer, asking me to re-made photos to avoid copyrights. She had downloaded these photos from google. I told her that it was violating copyright rules and asked to cancel order. She agreed and sent me mutual cancellation request, with comment: "seller can’t work and can’t do the job. " That was not the real reason, so asked customer support to cancel. Now my completed orders rate dropped from 100% to 94% :frowning: I want to block the buyer to avoid contacting with her. So, I want to know, if she will receive the notification that I blocked her? Thanks


I did the same. I had to cancel an order with a buyer because they failed to read the ToS and refused to respond after. So I blocked them from contacting me or ordering again. Can’t have my cancellation rate dip more. :confused:

I don’t think they will receive a notification. And even if they do, they technically can’t do anything about it because we have blocked them from contacting us, right? I’ve been looking in the forum for an answer to this question as well.

Does anyone else know? Or have clarity on this topic? Cheers!


I don’t think buyers receive notifications about being blocked per se. But if they try to contact you in the future, they’ll receive an impersonal message in lines of “this seller cannot be contacted at the moment” or something like that.


I think they do get a notification (I am not sure though). You know how when sellers try to contact a buyer (whose account is either blocked/removed), we receive a notification saying the buyer can no longer be contacted? Similarly, I think that when a buyer tries to contact a seller who has blocked them, they receive a notification saying they cannot contact a seller, too.

In fact, if I am not mistaken, I’d read on the forum (a while back) that they do get a notification.


Why is it a problem if she’d know about your block? What are you afraid of? A block is a block, no matter how she feels about it, and you are cannot be contacted.


Some people who you block (for a good reason) get angry, create another account and try to contact you from there. This is why them being unaware would be preferable and this is why such a vague language is used when informing them you cannot be contacted.


Well, I understand people go to great lengths with a grudge, but still… this is a part of life to deal with them. Anyways, now we know they are not notified.

I wouldn’t want anyone to be notified. I wouldn’t be blocking them if they weren’t a difficulty.


This may be helpful to you:

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According to that if we block someone who sends us a message then it blocks them from buying from us and blocks them from being able to see our gigs and profile.

You can block anyone who has previously sent you a message or placed an order with you.

I have not seen anything so far that says I can block someone who sends me a message, only report them.

Does anyone here see a place that says “block” for someone who just sends you a message?

Now this is beautiful if it really works. Good thinking. Half of the rage comes from the fact they can see you but can’t interact because of you “rejecting” them.

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I just reported a spammer and had the option to “block this user from interacting with me”!

Beautiful! I’m thrilled.

edit: I do not have that option for most who send me messages I now see. :slightly_frowning_face: I don’t see why I can do it with a few people who sent messages but not with most of them.

Here are the only options I have when I report someone who sends a message, aside from seeing it for one person:

Report Message

Why do you wish to report this message?

Your report will be kept anonymous

The user asked for payment or wanted to communicate outside of Fiverr

The user behaved inappropriately

The user sent spam


I see now that if we click on “other” we will have the option to block them.

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I’m confused. I wish to block people from messaging and ordering me but first I have to report them it seems. I do not want to report them for bad behavior, just block them as they send a wish list for example of ten things they expect from one order that don’t match any of my gigs.

I do not want to try to deal with anyone who is so unable to read my gigs and see what I sell that they send wish lists of multiple things for me to do that I don’t offer. I’m tired of this. Where are these people coming from this past two months? Here?

Ah yes. As long as it’s ambiguously worded, I’m fine by that. Or if they see a generic message about not being able to contact any seller that’s blocked them.

If they actually receive a notification which states specifically that a particular seller has blocked them, well…s**t. :sweat_smile: I sincerely hope Fiverr hasn’t gone and enabled that. If I’m blocking any buyer, I have a reason for the same. And I definitely don’t want them getting notified about the block with my details. That would be hell.



There are many threads on the forum that give great tips about starting your seller journey here. Kindly refer to them and implement those practices in your gig. Good luck!

block their new account as well! :slight_smile:

block it, what do you care about his feelings? A notice will come, but what will it do to you? can no longer locate you


Then they create another 5 accounts. Then they take 2 months break until you forget about them completely, create a new one, and pretend to be someone else until you realize it’s the same person. Then they create another one and start to message you stuff like: “I can see that you’re online”, “I will make you work for me”. Then they start placing blank orders with you.

I have a panic disorder, I don’t find these things fun.

To answer the original question since this post was resurrected for some reason, the buyer will see a message that says “user X doesn’t accept messages at this time” or “doesn’t accept messages from you at this time”. Something along those lines, I don’t remember. It doesn’t specifically say the buyer was blocked but it’s kind of easy to figure it out from the wording.

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The message they see says (seller name) cannot be contacted at this time.

I’ve had one who pops up with a new account periodically for years. It’s obvious who it is.


i have a question, if we block buyer or report him, then can he still report us,? because according to my information, our profile not show to them when we block buyer