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Will cancellation effect the rating

If a buyer and seller have cancelled the order with mutual cancellation will it effect the rating of seller?

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Yes, cancellations affect your completion rating… What else would completion rate refer to?

All of this is public information. Please look up how ratings work.


It depends on the reason. :thinking:

A buyer booked my gig without contacting me and asked for a service I do not offer. Another buyer asked of a custom offer for 4000 words to be proofread and attached a 78,000 word document. He told me his book was going to be famous and I would have notoriety for proofing it. :laughing:

CS canceled both orders without it affecting my completion rate. However, I have found that this works best if done through direct contact with CS. If you ask to cancel through the resolution center the cancellation is automated and then if does affect your stats. :roll_eyes:


Yes, it will affect your Order Completion rate.

Thanks for your information.