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WIll Cancelling an Order Hurt My Rating?


Good Morning, I’m in a bit of a pickle. A buyer ordered a unique order from me and I thought it would be something I could do, that was until he gave me all of his instructions and I soon discovered that the assignment is rather complex.

It’s not that I can’t handle the assignment because I can it’s just that I didn’t get enough information on his end to see this assignment through and I’ve messaged him twice this week with no response back.

It’s due tomorrow and I need to know if canceling this order will hurt my positive rating? I’ve worked hard on my rating and I’m still new (I’ve been on Fiverr since April but I took a leave of absence throughout the summer and early fall) and any hard hit will hurt me.

Sincerely, Baddison :slight_smile:

P.S. I did try looking through the forums for any post in relation to my predicament but the forum is acting wonky and I only get error messages when clicking on a thread.


Hi Baddison ,
Obviously Cancelling order would affect your ratings.But clients negative review is more harmful than cancellation.So it would be better for you to contact with your client and ask for delivery Extension or Order Modification which is fiverr’s new and best features.


I’ve sent messages throughout the week with no response back. The order is now due tomorrow. I would do what you’ve suggested but with the lack of response thus far I don’t have the time on my delivery clock ticker to chance it.

Thanks for the quick response @saimii


Create a ticket with customer support immediately. Notify them of the buyer’s unresponsiveness.

Then on the resolution options, there will be one where it states, “Buyer is unresponsive” utilize that.

Customer support should be able to cancel the order without hurting your cancellation rate. Just mentioned it to them that you want to ensure this does not affect your CR.


I think the only thing you can do is work extra hard and complete the assignment.


Sorry, wrong advice…I didn’t see that he did not give you enough information. Yes, you can make a case with customer support, I suppose.



I had customer support tell me recently that a mutual cancellation does not affect your rank or anything.

I have so many buyers who order and then tell me they want and expect things I do not offer that unfortunately I have to cancel orders. No one wants to cancel orders. But buyers don’t read and won’t get what they want due to not realizing what you are offering so there is sometimes no choice.


I went to the resolution center and clicked “buyer not responding” and left the buyer an in-depth message apologizing for the inconvenience but that I regret to inform him that I need to cancel the order.

I feel terrible. He seemed like a nice person and was probably too busy with outside obligations and couldn’t answer my questions and now will return to see that he has no finished work waiting for him. :frowning:

I tried.

Now it’s up to him to accept as a mutual cancellation or see my rating go down.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question. :slight_smile:


I’ve canceled about 5 orders by mutual cancelation and it’s not affected my rating


My advice?

  1. Cancel before the clock runs down. It won’t hurt you.
  2. Keep your gig(s) simple/stupid. The less you offer, the less that can go wrong.
  3. Re-think if offering custom offers is worth the time spent messaging with Buyers and the headaches that usually come with the order (not to mention the price haggling it invites).


Thank you @matureactress,

Then there are the buyer’s that see that my delivery time is four days then proceed to order then inbox me that they need it in two days. Ha!

I try to explain nicely that in order to write great content I need time to formulate an idea with research on the topic before I can begin writing and that takes time. I can’t understand how some writer’s on here offer 24-hour service - that would kill me. LOL.


@madein5rr That’s depending on if the buyer will accept my offer to cancel or if the order gets automatically canceled, right?

Thanks! You guys are great!


I just visited your profile and think what you’re doing is neat. I’m tempted to order a gig from you to cast a “release your Fiverr anxiety” spell. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response!


Thank you but right now I need to cast that for myself first.


hahaha Good one Misscrystal, please cast for every seller :slight_smile:


Weird. It clearly shows in the resolution centre->“mutually cancel the order” that, cancelling an order may affect our rankings.


But when we cancel and order it says it will affect 10% of our overall activities on Fiverr, like loosing search rankings and impressions.


24 hours seems enough for writing an article.
Ain`t it? Unless you have a long line waiting in the order queue.



A mutual cancellation is not a profit loss for Fiverr since the money stays in the account. Fiverr just doesn’t want disputes where it involves too much of CS time since that is an operating cost.