Will collect all of your gigs if you collect one or two of mine


My newest gig is http://fiverr.com/flashofinsanity/deliver-to-you-thousands-of-quality-backlinks-and-improve-your-pagerank-in-less-than-7-days and my favorite gig to do is http://fiverr.com/flashofinsanity/design-an-animated-3d-logo

If you would collect one or both of these gigs for me I would be happy to collect all of yours in return. Thanks.

Just post it here if your willing to do so. I will update at least once a day. Thanks again.




Really, was I black listed or something and nobody told me?


collected yours turn




collected yours




onlinedukan= collected, thank you


silentsword18= collected both, thank you


done colleting ur gig. thanks. would u like to be featured on fiverrsupersellers.com blog? this will boost ur gig traffic a lot. all u have to do is doing a gig of yours for me to review this is mutual benefit



Reply to @tumichael: Would love to. If you would like to review one of mine, my animated 3D logos would be a good one to review. It seems to be my best seller. I will be sure to collect any gig you have posted. Thank you. Keep me informed. :slight_smile:


Done, your turn!



Done, collected all your gigs, your turn now, thanks.


Done for all i collected of yours




Reply to @bhasonson: Done, got them all. Thank you


Reply to @proservice: Got ya collected. Thank you


Reply to @maf7unk: Got em’. Thank you


Ok I collected yours :slight_smile: http://fiverr.com/tabithamccoy


I have collected both :slight_smile:

Here is my page


Thank you very much,



Reply to @tabithamccoy: Got it collected, and cool idea by the way. Let me know how it works. I have a huge stack of those you can have if it works for you.


Reply to @kimberleeb: Got 'em, thank you. Love the feet one, very cute


Reply to @flashofinsanity: haha gotta have a silly one in there ya know :slight_smile: