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Will Creating More number of Gigs help get status..?


Genuine answers from everyone who made it…is needed…


I only had one gig up when I got TRS, so no, its not about more gigs. Its about the quality of what you have.


If you have unique gigs…the more gigs you have the better potential you have to earn more. I tell this to people on my blog who only have 1 or 2 gigs all the time. I have helped quite a few sellers make a good career out of selling on fiverr. Find a niche and roll with it. For instance if you have a logo gig that gets 5 orders a week on average…thats 20 orders a month…that’s $80. if you’re upselling or getting tips it’s even more. believe me it adds up quick. Since being a level 2 seller I make at least 50-100 orders a month for the last few months. at least 50% of my orders are more than $5 orders. Believe me it helps me when i need money the most.


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quality is better than quantity, just my experience.


I wouldn’t say so. As others pointed out, it all depends on what type of gig you’re offering. One thing I noticed is that advertising and designing gigs sell like hot pancakes. Add some hilarious and funny gigs to that list and you’ve a winner.


Yes originality is the way to go. i do writing, graphic design, and business services like slogan and company think tanking. You have to be versatile and offer many different products. It’s like walking into a fast food place and they only sell burgers and fries…it gets rather boring quick.