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Will Disputed Order Affect Me?

My customer accidentaly made 2 orders instead of one. He asked for cancelation without starting the order and I accepted it. Will it effect my account?


I think No . do good work

Connect With Support

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If you cancel the order through the resolution center, it will affect your cancellation rate. Rather explain to the client that you need to contact custom support to have this order cancelled which may take a couple of days since they are dealing with a lot of tickets at the moment.

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I’m not very confident that It will be solved, but I send a ticket to CS.

It happened to me before and I send them a ticket explaining the situation, and they were really uncomplicated with it.

I’m sorry my english is not very good, do you mean they didn’t help you?

No, they cancelled the order right away and did not say it was wrong of me to contact them.

Okay I understand. Too bad I didn’t contact them first