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Will do any PHOTOSHOP work!

I can do any Photoshop work like design and editing.

You can check my here

For any suggestions please comment :slight_smile:

Hello! Welcome to the forums!

I checked your gigs out, and you have some really AWESOME talent!

One of the ways we can help each other out get customers, is through collections!

I’ve collected some of your cool gigs :smiley:

Check out some of the forum members gigs to collect as well, and watch as the orders roll in! :slight_smile:

When i click your gig profile it says security warning :s

Reply to @shawnecannon: that may be due to some technical error.

Reply to @caiterz: Thank you :slight_smile:

It gives an error because your link has https and not http :slight_smile:

Okay, i have changed it.

I will do any type of photoshop work with in 24 hrs.

Reply to @caiterz: What is collecting and how do you collect?