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Will do anything

Hello everyone , i know this is by far a long shot , but I am from Lima, Peru. I am studying to be a civil engineer which takes a lot of time out of my day and i urgently need to sell on this site to pay my enrollment for next semester. I am willing to do anything from translating (English to Spanish), relationship advice, boxing, chess, or anything anyone can ask for. My objective is 100 dollars for next semesters enrollment.

Thank you,
Andre Elizalde

Mod Note: Posts asking for orders can only be placed in My Fiverr Gigs. Post moved.

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You might want to create some gigs first???


oh sorry about that, i thought it was up.

It is up now.

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you have to create 7 gigs if you are new and then promote them on google+ and then send request to buyers as much as you can

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Make several gigs with attractive thumbnails and write a quality description with quality tags. For reference check your competitors gigs. But remember don’t copy.