Will editing gig impactmy rankings?


I want to change the thumbnail of my gig.
will it effect my gig rankings.


Yes, It can Impact your ranking temporarily, as your gig will disappear from search results for 24 hours and will be visible again after Fiverr review the changes.


you mean it will grab same rankings as it was earlier on after 24hours


Yes of course

I did mine when I was a newbie level 2 seller.

So what happened next is my gig was in a second page of the search result but gradually it came to the third page.
Though I contacted with the CS but I had no solution afterall.

So think before you do any changes/you can contact with the CS before you make the decision.

Happy fiverring :smiley:


Not always. Often it doesn’t disappear. I do a lot of changing :slight_smile:


not too much i think


I changed some text in my description in 3 days back but my gigs disappear in search engines.

How to bring back my gigs in fiverr search engine.


That’s what happened to my gig as well. 3 days after I made changes, It is still not visible.


Hi all
My gigs come back to first page of search result.


Thank you for correction. Appreciated !!


Yes. Like @grandmaa mentioned and in some cases it’s good if your gig is down then you can edit it like adding video and more images so it comes around.
I thought i always disappear but good to know it doesn’t do that :slight_smile: