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Will Editing My Gig's price affect my Gig ranking?

Will Editing My Gig’s price affect my Gig ranking?


Yes…More Clients Come To Your Profile ND I Think Give Also Order.

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Yes…You will edit your Gig’s Price so Affect Your gig ranking

The answer from my experience is sometimes. It’s hit or miss for my changes. For me it seems the more you change the more it takes a hit. At least temporarily. I once rewrote my gig heavily and it dropped to zero impressions for a week. Contacted customer support and they said they had it held in review. It bounced back the next day. Try not to make changes. A simple price change likely would not hurt anything short term, definitely not long term. Mileage may vary.

As far as improving clicks, it may. Clients can search by price and a lower price would likely get more clicks.