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Will Fiverr accept Cryptocurrency?

Hey folks!
Just wanted to put it out there as I’d love to sell my services and be able to accept cryptocurrency! Given that Fiverr is solely online it would be great if the site utilised online currencies as a payment option for sellers, as it currently stands, I convert all my earnings into Crypto anyway so to actually receive in crypto would be beautiful! Is this something that is likely to happen in the future? It seems crazy not to!


Fiverr did used to accept Bitcoin. However, even then they only paid sellers in dollars. In this case, even if Fiverr did accept crypto in future, it is unlikely they would pay out in crypto.

One thing you can do, is use crypto-based freelancing sites. Alternatively, if you are good at scoring your own clients, offer them a 30% discount on your regular rates if they pay you with crypto. 30% equates (approximately) to what Fiverr takes in commission and fees. Since you don’t take that 30% home anyway, it can make a lot of sense to offer it to external clients as a discount. :wink:

Which cryptos to you convert everything to btw?


Yeah. It would be very easy to transfer money international.