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Will fiverr always be buyer centric?

I’m really annoyed with my recent experience. Today morning, I had a terrible experience with a seller. He placed 2 orders by mistake consequently and cancelled it without even talking to me. How is it justified?
He opened a dispute and fiverr support center cancelled the order instantly. But that mistake is gonna affect my gigs visibility right? I am a small seller and I barely get 3-4 orders in a month. And 2 orders being cancelled will greatly affect my order completion rate! I recently got the level 2 seller badge. Please help me out with a solution to my case. This is not justified that I pay for a buyer’s mistake. Fiverr has always been buyer centric but today I’m really disheartened. I want a solution for my genuine case ASAP.


You have a question mark at the end of this.

Fiverr is centric over intelligent people who know how to protect their investment (on both ends), sellers and buyers.

If all this happened as you say these cancelations will not affect your account. If they do just contact CS.

I had 6 cancelations, two I made 4 by client’s mistake. only 2 are causing my stats to go down, not all 6.

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Okay, Got it. Thank you very much for sharing this info. And yes, It’s not affecting my profile stats as of now and hopefully it won’t .

You’ve heard of “The customer is always right” right?

I have many years of experience in the retail sector…both as an employee and an employer.

Difficult customers are toxic.

However, they usually get their way.

It’s not always fair, but the damage that can be done just from one ticked off customer can ruin any business.

Does that mean we have to bend over backwards to please them?

Within reason, yes.

Cancellations happen.

You are very likely better off without that Buyer in your life.

It sucks, but it’s true.

Move on and don’t worry about it.