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Will Fiverr always be Fiverr?

Fiverr certainly seems to be trying very hard to reinvent itself lately with all the recent updates and changes like buying out AND CO, introducing Business Tools, and weeding out the good ol’ fun gigs… which leaves me wondering: will Fiverr ever change its name?

They’re obviously trying to encourage higher-priced gigs nowadays - which is great and all - but I really don’t see how the word fiverr is ever going to lose its cheapskate connotations. Even the phrase ‘Fiverr Pro’ has always sounded off to me. At the same time they of course may want to stick to their roots and since fiverr is pretty mainstream nowadays I can see how a name-change could be an absolute disaster…

It’s a rather interesting branding dilemma, and I’m really looking forward to see where their PR/marketing teams go with this.

So what do you think - should Fiverr be re-named?

P.S. one thing I’m sure about tho - that logo is way past its prime. ChunkFive may have been a great font choice back when the main premise was cheap gigs for $5, but nothing about it looks premium or upmarket!

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No they won’t change the name. They’ve spent years getting people to know and recognize the name Fiverr.

The logo is simple like the best big company logos. Another reason to choose it is that there is not a chance for any conflicts with other existing logos.

You can still buy gigs for $5 so it’s still appropriate. As people look around on the site they will see gigs of every price and quality.


i agree with you name is not going to change as they have been working years to build this brand
and yes fiverr is improving its standards and removing gigs that are not fitting in their new standards
but i personally think if people are loving something and willing to pay for it it should not be removed
as i recently check a guy with username jungle guy removed his gig by fiverr even though he has around 600 reviews !

make sure you create gig according to fiverr new rules from now

Yes the logo is simple and simple is great. It just somehow gives me Airbnb-pre-rebranding-logo vibes


(although when Airbnb first unveiled their new identity a lot of people said it reminded them of mutilated genitals :woman_shrugging:… but it seems to be working really well for them!)




Very possible. It is quite common. Who knew that Google used to be called BackRub?. :roll_eyes:


If fiverr changes the name.
It will change the branding again and start from the beginning.

Like elance that changed its name to upwork

They won’t lose the active members (buyers/sellers) so, they won’t start from the beginning!
If they change the name they will have a new image with… let’s imagine… new services, new communication, new pricing…
Many new startups have in their marketing strategy to change the name within 18-24 months.

Fiverr is a 100% online plateform. Even if they change their name anybody could find the new website thanks to a 301 redirect.

PS: we are talking about something that has not been announced. Who knows if they will change or not the name ? But it’s interesting to discuss about that…


Agree. Time Warner Cable just switched to Spectrum. They still have all their customers, just new logos, etc.

If something like this is handled correctly, it doesn’t interrupt business at all.


If the domain name is changed.
The index will also decline.

That was exactly 1 year ago.
I am on the slap from page 1 google search.

Hope you are lucky bung

There is a lot in a name, especially when it is a direct reference (or rather, the amount itself) to the paltry sum required for a wide range of freelance services