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Will fiverr ban my account if my friend uses my laptop

Hey guys, i sold my laptop (i usually use it for uploading my fiverr gigs) to my friend and he too wants to start a fiverr account with it. Will fiverr ban my own account if he does so


It would be best to talk to CS about this. I’d think it could be detected, even if you made sure everything was cleared (eg. all cookies) maybe the machine id would still be identified and the account(s) get flagged (if it recognised 2 different Fiverr accounts had logged in on the same machine/machine id).

So I’d speak to CS about it (or get your friend to) and not do it unless you have their permission and follow whatever advice they give if they do give permission.


Hopefully you wiped the laptop’s hard drive before selling it. There are at least 3 to 5 cookies fiverr puts on your laptop to identify you. They are persistent. Whether or not fiverr will do anything about it in your particular case is not known.

Any website you ever visited may have put cookies on the laptop which will identify it as being you.


If you didn’t format your hard drive, it will be generates some issues(You can contact Fiverr team regarding this for more). If not, you can tell him to format computer and use it.

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Talk to CS or if your friend can use one of this privacy browsers around. But even that is not a guarantee

Wiping your hard drive won’t solve the issue because you can’t format the machine ID like @uk1000 has said . it’s best your friend get a fresh computer if he still wants to use fiverr with a rest of mind


How would fiverr know the machine ID? I’m not aware that websites get that information.

They get the IP general address and the cookies information.

I’m not sure what you mean by machine ID? IP?


If your phone IMEI /device ID can be gotten, I don’t think getting a machine ID for a computer would be a brainer.

Though I stand to be corrected


Even if the machine id can’t be read, they may have other ways to help detect the same machine being used.

It’s probably simplest if the OP just contacts support and gets any necessary permission/instructions.


It’s cookies, that’s what they are for. They can be erased although the only way to get rid of some is by wiping clean the entire hard drive.

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They can also do stuff like browser fingerprinting.

eg. things like fonts installed could be detected (eg. if both Fiverr accounts had a set of fonts that no other Fiverr accounts had the same font combination installed, it could be possible that the same machine was being used).

Also that says:

Some websites use Adobe’s Flash LSO supercookies as a way to ‘regenerate’normal cookies that the user has deleted, or more discretely, to link the user’sprevious cookie ID with a newly assigned cookie ID

Though I don’t think Fiverr uses that.

See also this:

Obviously they’d check things like IP address too, screen resolution, language settings, etc. Basically they could look at multiple things that could help identify a particular machine being used, even if cookies are deleted.

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They don’t have staff members going through all that like detectives. The cookies do it all. I’ve seen the lists of millions if not billions of tiny ip addresses websites generate and no one is going to go through those. There is no reason to with 5 cookies. Take a look at how many they have on your computer sometime if you can see the list of cookies.

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You’re probably right, they might/probably do just use cookies (and also check IP address) and that might be the sole reason why some accounts get suspended when it’s detected a cookie for a different Fiverr’s account is on the same PC/same Windows account (edit: probably as well as things like if the same payment provider account info was set up on 2 Fiverr accounts).

But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be using other methods (eg. browser fingerprinting) and it wouldn’t have to be members of staff manually going through a lot of stuff. The system could flag stuff for them only when it was quite certain that the same machine was being used by 2 accounts. It might also use things like that as one of the things to decide when to require the user to do an ID verification.

edit: There’s also a bit of info in the email they send when you log in with a different device/browser


…We noticed a new login attempt to your Fiverr account from a new device…
(browser and version number), (operating system)

Approximate Location x
Time X

So that shows they’re keeping track of things like that.

This is in the privacy policy:

…we collect information while you access, browse, view or otherwise use the Site. In other words, when you access the Site we are aware of your usage of the Site, and gather, collect and record the information relating to such usage, including geo-location information, IP address, device and connection information, browser information and web-log information, and all communications recorded by Users through the Site. We use that information to enhance user experience, personalize your browsing experience as well as monitor the Site for preventing fraud and inappropriate content or behaviour. We also collect supplemental information obtained from third parties such as demographic and navigation data, if applicable.


Thanks you all for the input, i just contacted customer support…hopefully they will reply real soon


All websites collect IP addresses of everyone. They don’t know geo locations of people who use vpn’s. Anyway, the OP should have at least wiped his hard drive whenever he sells a used computer to anyone.


I contacted the support team, they said the laptop can be reused if all data concerning fiverr is wiped from it, seems @misscrystal was right all along, lol. Thanks alot guys


Hello inkrebel,

Hope you’re doing amazing.

Glad you came up with a burning issue of Fiverr sellers.

Fiverr have a sibling policy so your siblings can use your laptop :slight_smile:

Payment mechanism for each account should be different otherwise CS team will ban one account.

I hope it will help you understand.

Best Regards,
Fiverr Seller Justfari

Sorry to hear this but we do not forget the T&C of Fiverr. Before selling any Desktop or Laptop that you are used by your self that must be informed to Fiverr Customer Service Team.

Suggestions (It’s my own)
Contact with Fiverr Customer service team with the actual scenario. Don’t forget it and should abide by the teams and conditions of Fiverr.

If you read the second post above yours, you’ll see that that’s what he did.