Will Fiverr create a Valentine's gig category this year?


So I’m sure there are a lot of people creating ( or already has) a Valentine’s day gig.

If I remember it correctly I believe that last year Fiverr had this “Valentine’s Day gig” section/category made just for

those type of gigs. Are they making it again this year? Does anyone know when it will be available?

I hope they do, it really helped me last year.

The good and bad thing about Valentine’s day is that wherever you go, you see stores selling really good looking

candies and chocolates. I end up buying a whole box almost every year…FOR MYSELF. :smiley:

BTW comments are more than welcome but do not post something like "OH, I have a Valentine’s day gig too, here’s the link, check it out :smiley: "


Reply to @apppro: You can send food items as part of a gig. I would do a gig like that, but it can get pretty expensive making cookies from scratch. You can look around on Fiverr in the “Gifts” section. There are a lot of creative gigs on this site. I’m sure yours would be welcomed here.


I think they should make a section for sellers to post their discounts or giveaways on their gig pages. I think that would make it easier for potential buyers to know that there is a special going on.




Reply to @mjgenius:

Is that the look you have when you stand in front of a candy store? :smiley:


I think they do something every year! So get your gigs themed!

We can see how succesful the “christmas themed” promotion worked by looking at Alexa!


It looks like they have something like that at the bottom of the website,

I hope when they do create the special category, they bring to the very top so

people can see it without scrolling down :stuck_out_tongue:

I themed my gigs and changed the tags, let’s see how it goes :smiley:


Yeah even I’m ready with my Valentine’s Gig, I’m just waiting for the magical Valentine’s category to appear.



Ditto LOL. I’ve had mine since mid Jan waiting patiently.


They made a blog and mentioned only specific gigs there , in which some were no where even related to valentines day !


Are we allowed to send food items (cookies, chocolates, and so on) as part of gigs? I’m new to Fiverr but I have a Valentine’s gig through which I send out jewelry from my Etsy shop. The pieces usually sell for double the price of a gig, but Valentine’s is literally my favorite holiday, so I like making others feel happy on that day, too. I’m obsessed with all heart shaped things. :slight_smile: In college, my friend and I made 400 Valentine’s cards with puns in them to hand out to random people on campus, haha.