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Will fiverr create something to avoid buyers to place their order without prior Negotiations?

Some buyers will place their order without any discussion. Sometimes it is OK . But some other times it will be a problem due to lack of time or competencies. In such kind of situation , buyers will provide low ratings which will affect the sellers reputation .

This is needed for multiple reasons. Overnight rush orders for example that come in under a different time zone have the clock running and you end up losing half a day on them. Today I ended up racing to complete 12 orders and in no way, shape, or form would they be nearly as good as if I only had 2-5

Fiverr is aware of this problem, as loads of sellers complained during the last years.

But nothing has been done till now… in future I don’t know and nobody can answer unfortunately.

I’ve put a message on my gig description asking buyers to contact me before ordering; but this hasn’t stopped many of them ordering so I had to cancel a lof of orders (and my cancellation ratio grows…).

currently i am a level 2 seller . I heard that Fiverr is considering the cancellation rates when they offering top rated. …

So if i have a higher cancellation rate, that will affect probabilities of obtaining Top rated status :frowning:

Reply to @dhanur88: I understand and believe me I’ve been in your situation and I’m still in it, cancelling orders for things I clearly state I can’t do, for things violating Fiverr rules, for things violating national/international laws, for $5 orders placed asking $50 deliveries… the list is long and every seller could add something, but you cannot fight the system.

You must be aware this is how things work right now (it’s wrong, I’m with you and I’ve complained several times in the past for this), face the situation the best you can… and finally hope rules are changing in future…

Reply to @mark74: Yeah hope for the best :slight_smile:

Hi dhanur88,

I believe there is now situation in place to handle this - the ability to send custom quotes and extras directly within an order.

This feature basically means, if a buyer places an incorrect order, you can either negotiate the correct price (and send it through the order, with added delivery days) or just mutually cancel if it is not something you can do.



Reply to @twistedweb123: but still this mutual cancellation will hurt our profile . Isntit ??

Reply to @kjblynx: Thats good for us :slight_smile:

Reply to @infinityplusone: I also met with those kind of situations :frowning: