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Will Fiverr Ever Add Another Level?

Will Fiverr ever add another level? Who knows :blush:

Here’s a Monday poll…

  • There should be a new level above Top Rated Seller (TRS).
  • There should be a new level between Level 2 and TRS.
  • They should completely re-do the system.

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No, there is no option to disagree with adding a new level. I cannot edit the poll since votes have already been cast (no one at Fiverr is going to listen to this poll anyway). :blush:


You forgot to add an option for “No, the current Level system is just fine; no need for another level” :slight_smile:

Without that option, it’s not much of a poll since it forces only those who want another level to vote :wink:

And the nature of your question (i.e. “Will X do Y”) requires at least one affirmative and one negative choice, but your options are all about the affirmative side :eyes:


I can already answer this poll…

No. They are not likely to add another seller level, or redo the entire system, any time soon. :wink:


I’m simply biased and would like everyone to agree that a new level is needed :smile:

I think Fiverr really needs another level between Level 2 and TRS because it seems as though you can achieve level 2 almost immediately after getting to level 1 qualification but you can never reach TRS from Level 2 unless a miracle happens for you.


Let’s assume that there is a “Level 3” in between Level 2 and TRS - how would that help you? Because once you reach “Level 3” and you still have difficulties reaching TRS, then you’ll just request another Level 4, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

I think sellers should stop thinking so much about levels and instead think about how to get more sales, how to market themselves, how to evolve & improve themselves - think about it: I’ve seen Level 1 sellers with more sales than TRS sellers, so that means “TRS” isn’t a holy grail to getting constant sales or more sales.

Levels are merely a token of your efforts.


The Fiverr levels does at least mean something to some buyers, isn’t it?. If you are at level 2 and I am at level 3 offering the same category of gigs, don’t you think that should say something to a buyer about your experience and ability to deliver what is promised in your gig? I honestly believe that it would.

Not really - I’ve heard about buyers who had thought “Level 1” was the best as it’s “Number One” :wink:

In my opinion, more levels = more confusion = more difficulty for the buyer to choose a service.


Yeah, you do get more sales at level 1 but quality sales and not merely quantity is what I would say counts.

For sure! Been a level 2 seller for 6 years soon, so it would be nice to advance in the levels finally. TRS seems to be impossible! :scream: But what would Level 3 bring? More gig extra options? Better gig customization?

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Hopefully it will Adsensewizard, since the Fiverr pro is not yet set up for some categories.

Not for me, it doesn’t.

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The system is fine!

This is Fiverr, not Herbalife, it’s not a pyramid scheme, we can’t have 5 different levels with sub-levels and all that mess.

Besides, a TRS can get demoted, so don’t think that once you reach TRS level you can rest on your laurels. If anything, the pressure to provide great customer service increases.


Then I should be a TRS. :wink:

Seriously my opinion is that Fiverr should add something to make a difference between Level 2 and Level 2 people that have more reviews, cool gigs, outstanding customer support, dope portfolios and such.

For my gigs, I consider the “Fiverr’s Choice” badge as a something that makes it different from other fellow sellers. However having a new LV won’t hurt me. But my goal is becoming TRS, for which I have a feeling will come soon, but how soon I have no clue.

In my opinion, I want to be a TRS because of the faster funds clearing period.

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oh that´s a twist! …with 20 characters


Current lVl System is Fine :wink: It would be good if they (The Authority) add some more badges like PRO, Fiverr’s choice etc.

We kinda have too many now.



Where on your poll is the answer for “no we have enough levels” ?

It sounds on your poll like you want there to be another level and no one can say that there are enough.


@misscrystal That’s the first thing Woofy said. Great minds think alike, I suppose! :slight_smile:

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Preach! Amen!

Just keep grinding and putting in quality work and you’ll do better than by spending time worrying about levels. It reminds me of Candy Crush…it isn’t about having fun with the game–it’s about your level. Have some fun and do your best work and you’ll do fine.

I wish you all success and send an “hola” from Cancún!