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Will Fiverr ever do these things?


The Fiverr forum is a great way to gauge the overall perception and culture of Fiverr from both Sellers and Buyers point of view. If you’re on the forum and even 5 minutes, there are a few grievances you will notice are almost universally shared by sellers and buyers alike. And some of us are tired of hearing about them; but much like any problem, when you don’t address it, it will persist.

Which bring me to the real question I have, do you think Fiverr is attempting to, or will even address these requests? The way i feel about it, is either it’s a technical issue on their side, which makes it impossible for them to address these things, or they don’t see them as a a problem. Either way, if they really wanted to do these things, wouldn’t they be done already? Do you feel Fiverr will ever oblige these requests?

  1. Mutual cancellations that don’t effect a sellers ratings.
  2. Block button for buyers and sellers.
  3. Being able to accept or decline an order before it starts.
  4. The ability to make buyers contact you before ordering.
  5. The ability to give partial refunds.


I think they will not implement any of this. There is reason behind each point why they will not implement these.

One of the common reason is, at the point of view of fiver buyers are more worth for them, than sellers. Even at any business buyer will be having more priority. if these implemented buyers will be get effected and they will find some other sources to purchase there digital services, then we and fiver both will loose revenue.

Still there is 10% of Margin for sellers to over come from this and go to the next level. Now this is how we have to think and move forward.


I completely agree with you. When it comes down to it, Fiverr is going to be more accommodating to the buyers because without them there is no Fiverr. I have yet to experience some of the systematic problems I keep reading about, due to the fact that I have yet to post any gigs, I’m a new user.


Yeah I could tell by the photo lol. Welcome to Fiverr!

I too was you reading the forum, having yet to experience these issues. I still haven’t experienced all of them, just a few. But I know they happen.

Fiverr is still a great platform despite it’s fault. Give it a chance and post some gigs!


None of these will ever happen so why talk about them.

The reason is obvious.

All of these will contribute to fiverr, and sellers too, losing money.

The first thing you mentioned really has aspects that are not fair unless it’s a seller who routinely cancels orders for reasons such as avoiding a bad review, or being too lazy sometimes to do orders.

But the other reasons are all things that will discourage sales or increase refunding.


That was the question but that’s also speculation. You don’t know that these things will never happen. And this is a forum where people discuss their grievances, experiences, suggestions, likes, dislikes, etc. It’s talked about because the forum is meant for that. New sellers, old seller, and buyers to detail their journey on Fiverr,

And there are exceptions to everything. Just like there are exceptions to the review system in which Fiverr will delete negative feedback as they see fit. I don’t think every mutual cancellation shouldn’t count. I do think that some cancellations shouldn’t count. And making this function possible is something I’m not sure Fiverr can even do.

And the ability to block people isn’t some terrible practice that will tank Fiverr, or a sellers revenue. I actually think the block function may happen in the future. Nine times out of ten that would have ended in a cancellation anyways. Cancellations obviously make Fiverr lose money, but cancellation is still a function.

I remember reading that buyer ratings weren’t always a thing. It was something highly requested for a while, but it came to fruition. A long with other things. I don’t think these things are so out of the realm of possibility or discussion. I don’t doubt that some have faith that one or all of these things will happen. Fiverr is ever changing and evolving. They can’t do so without feedback from their users.


Lol, kinda new to the whole social media thing too, I’ll get a photo up soon. You’re right, overall Fiverr seems to be great place to not only sell services, but to interact with some interesting people as well. I liked reading your post because it informed me of some of the things that fiverr does that I was not aware of, so thank you. I will definitely get some gigs posted soon and thanks for the encouragement.


I assure you I do know. This has been discussed on the forum for years.
If they wanted to do it they would have done it by now.
Sellers would take advantage of these things and sales and revenue would suffer because of it.
But I’m sure we will continue to talk about it ten years from now.


I am surprised you left out the most important change that is needed.

  • stop chargebacks (paypal is not the only payment option)
    There are numerous stories on the forum that makes one scared. Because of this I am trying to avoid doing orders above $100.

I don’t want to spend my precious time working and loose money. If there is one thing all sellers should vote to change on Fiverr, it should be chargebacks - cos everyone losses.


I’m sure it has been discussed for years, but I don’t think that bars it from ever happening. I mean I meant it when I said if they really wanted to do these things it probably would have bee done by now so I agree to some extent. I do however know Fiverr has changed even from a year ago when I joined and I count on it to continue to change in many ways.

And if it never does, well at least there’s the ranting pot.


Yeah that too.

My opinion on that is maybe they will address it, once it becomes more commonplace. Because those scammers aren’t only making the seller lose money, they are taking money from Fiverr. So I’m sure if this scam practice becomes well known, they will make some changes.


Glad I could help, the forum has helped me in the same way.

But read terms of service as well so you know the official stuff. But really all you need to know is no contact with buyers outside of fiverr, don’t do any work until the buyer places and order, and have pride in your services! :slight_smile:


I actually think there’s at least some hope, in fiverr rectifying some of these issues. The reason is, because it does appear that they want to be perceived as a totally legit, company that provides quality services from qualified sellers – who are trying to attract a broader, wealthier – audience, thus the introduction of packages, and the ability to charge more for services.

For years, it was a bit of a free-for -all “grab bag” of services that could be considered “shady” for lack of a better word… fiverr is doing a great job of taking steps to change that. This new level system is one example of some of the steps taken – and the concept behind it – is a great concept.

If there’s a huge backlash - as a result of the issues you speak of – they may feel compelled to change things - because it may be in their best interest, based on how they are viewed in the public eye, as far as being a serious, fair – business. In addition they want to make sure the platform remains appealing for potential sellers, after all – it is the sellers who make the company money.

Who knows! May be wishful thinking.


I agree with you that they will address it.
I still don’t get why they should wait until more people loose money. I have a client that I’m discussing with and it’s a $300 project. I am not doing my best to get this order because God forbid, there is an issue and they won’t protect me (Just like they did before).
For now, I think I prefer to use this platform for smaller projects tho.


Sometimes they will return a portion of the money to you, if not all of it


They already have a slandered reputation from scorned sellers and buyers alike. Bringing their BBB rating to 1.

I think they are trying to maximize revenue due to the decrease in sales.


I think it’s a marketing move more than because of a sales decrease? It seems like it’s been growing more than not? But I don’t have any numbers to support that lol…


Well short answer No. Long answer LOL NO.


Use the milestone feature. I highly recommend it for situations like this.


I think so too but they can should not make genuine sellers pay the price.