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Will Fiverr ever do these things?


The milestones feature is not available to me for now.
Thanks tho.


block button definetly wanted :3rd_place_medal:


I disagree. If Fiverr cared so much about money, they would have a policy called “all sales are final” and not allow refunds or paypal chargebacks. They don’t do that because then nobody would order on Fiverr.

I like the ideas of @prroducer99plus

Mutual cancellations that don’t effect a sellers ratings.

—Perfect! That encourages more commerce, more people bidding, more risk taking. Worse comes to worse, you lose money but not rep.

Block button for buyers and sellers.

—Great idea. I once had a buyer order my gig 3 times and each time it was a horrible experience.

Being able to accept or decline an order before it starts.

—Great to. Some people don’t read the gig, they think they’re buying a logo when in reality they’re buying something else. Or maybe they want something offensive that you can’t do.

The ability to make buyers contact you before ordering.

—I don’t need this, but this would be helpful since I’m tired of buyers assuming that I need to be contacted before they order. That way, “proceed to order” would become “proceed to message” if the seller decides it.

“The ability to give partial refunds.”

—Sounds fair to me. Some buyers are ethical people that do want to pay us for our time even if they didn’t like our work. I’ve had refunded buyers ordered my cheapest package as compensation.

Fiverr should pay attention to the forum, some of the best ideas can be found here. This is certainly better than The Great Leveling or St. Level’s Day.


Any of your requests will make the team’s website code fiverr busy.

If they feel it is in need


Well there you go. They wont’ do that or nobody would order.

But why welcome sellers every opportunity to refuse to sell, or to give refunds? Why make it easy?


Buyer confidence and rating protection. Negative reviews are terrible, they can destroy a gig. Someone with 250 reviews and a 4.9 gig rating is more powerful than someone with 1,400 reviews and 4.6.


In short - some buyers lie, some buyers don’t read directions, some buyers “buy” gigs, without any intention of paying, some buyers are competitors, who are out to take you down.

Sellers should be given some credit for having some business sense, as well as common sense.

As I have said before, I can sense immediately, if a buyer/potential buyer – is going to be problematic.

We are all independent contractors ( although as of late I feel rather “dependent” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) – who contract our services out using fiverr as a platform, and for that reason - we shouldn’t feel like we’re in a choke-hold - or feel like we can’t be trusted to use our own judgement – in some cases.

That said, I think there should be a limit to the number of refusals and refunds, within reason, so that sellers don’t abuse the ability to do either.


Now that fiverr is interested in sellers charging much more for gigs than in the past, they have to justify those higher prices by showing that sellers are strictly monitored and rated.

They want to eliminate the sellers who are able to get $200 for an order, and have a buyer who is outraged by feeling cheated in some way.

Now sellers who can get $200 for a gig and have a happy buyer are rewarded with less competition in their level from bad sellers.

That’s the point! Some gigs deserve to be destroyed for the reputation of the site.


How is it a scam when he can always get his money back? Herbalife is a scam, if you don’t like Herbalife products, you won’t get a refund. Fiverr isn’t a scam, and the people getting $200 for their gigs are usually worth it. Those who are not will get bad review after bad review, it won’t be a matter of opinion but a common view among 90% of buyers.

It is the market that should decide that, not Fiverr. That’s how Fiverr used to be, and the old Fiverr didn’t care about shady gigs, they had faith in the market. Faith the buyers and sellers. Now they’ve become an annoying nanny, chastising and punishing “bad sellers” for metrics that do not account for individual circumstances.


I shouldn’t have used the word scam. I was trying to explain that some standards need to be enforced due to the new higher prices fiverr is encouraging sellers to charge.


It IS the market deciding it. When gigs fall below a certain rating, that is the market deciding. I don’t think using some metrics to determine levels is wrong. If you meet the requirements you will be back in that level.

Nothing is unfair about it except the cancellations which are not the sellers fault counting against them.


No, it won’t help. If you didn’t like my work when I was a TRS, you won’t like it now that I’m level 2.

Honestly, a lot of these buyers just need to chill.

No, it’s Fiverr that created arbitrary standards and is demoting talented sellers even if they have awesome reviews.

Before, demotions were for egregious conduct, horrible behavior. Now it’s because your 90% became an 89%, or your 4.8 a 4.7.

When I saw Jon B demoted, one of the best brand name writers on Fiverr, with high prices and often a long queue, I knew the system was crooked.


Not everyone was demoted and lots of people were promoted. Are you saying that the ones who got promoted were promoted because the system is crooked?

I think it’s weird the lady who earns over $400,000 a year got demoted.

I think what you and Jon do is particularly difficult since it is so subject to what each buyer likes.



  1. Costs them money, promotes gaming the system
  2. Costs them money, requires adding something that wasn’t planned for and is unlikely to work without major internal modifications, if it’s even possible at all with the current code
  3. Costs them money, promotes using Fiverr as a free sales lead service, requires adding something that wasn’t planned for
  4. Requires adding something that wasn’t planned for and is unlikely to work without major internal modifications, if it’s even possible at all with the current code
  5. Requires adding something that wasn’t planned for, adds additional CS time


Exactly. Fiverr can’t determine that accurately via a metric or some chunk of code though, so they’re just doing it inaccurately.

  1. Allowing for certain cancellations to not effect your rating does not promote gaming the system… as Fiverr would be the one dictating this exception… and they ARE the system. Much like feedback removal; the decision is in Fiverr’s hands.

  2. Requires adding something that wasn’t planned for? Literally every update to the system is “adding something that wasn’t planned for” so I don’t see how that’s an issue. Costs them money how? That buyer could just go to another seller and Fiverr has the luxury of still making that money. Similar to when someone gets banned from a store for acting up (or stealing) they aren’t allowed to return to that store. They would just go to another store (or in this case another vendor that Fiverr also gets revenue from).

  3. This would cost them money either way as this transaction would end in a cancellation… only difference is that it wouldn’t necessarily count as a cancellation because it never started. I already addressed the wasn’t planned for part, I still don’t know what you mean by that. So you’re saying Fiverr should never change… ever? Because it has.

  4. It’s not possible for us to know how the site is coded. It could be totally possible or completely impossible. It’s also impossible for us to know if it would require some major modification but from what I do know about coding, it doesn’t seem like an overhaul. However, all this translates to is “that’s too much work”… is that a real argument?

  5. “Adds additional CS time” too much work? And partial refunds are already a thing that is almost exclusively done through Customer Support. Either through their own suggestion or by a seller asking for permission to do so. However, the system is clunky and requires creating a new order, that sometimes allows buyers to leave unjust feedback, that support then has to go back in and delete this feedback. So they babysit the transaction as a whole.
    Creating a real partial refund feature actually LOWERS the amount of time CS spends on these cases.


At the end of the day, though all of the suggestions are reasonable – IF it’s all about money, we’re ALL replaceable, and they won’t change anything, because there’s thousands, of people ready to jump on board, with it how it is.

In fact we can expect them to employ some regulations, in the future that affect us all – potentially, worse. If it’s about weeding out services/types of sellers and money. If this is the mindset and goal, they will weed out all services that cannot be measured by tangible proof or novelty type services, among others. (IMO)

On a side note: Successful LARGE corporations, ensure they have excellent CS.


I’m aware.

There are people who actually make a living on Fiverr full time, and they bring millions in revenue to the site each year. Then the many other sellers who use Fiverr’s platform and also bring in lots of revenue. These are the key complaints I see every time I look at the forum so I know Fiverr knows. I just wanted to have a real discussion about whether we see Fiverr doing this stuff or is all those angry essays on ranting pot there in vain.


I’ve been talking to a lady who gets $400+ orders to write romance books (50,000 words). This is what she told me:

“I have 97% rating for everything and my gigs always get 5-star reviews. I am not concerned about that. The problem is that I am coming from a 60% on time delivery. Before Fiverr came with the Levels days, I did not so much watch my on-time delivery because the clients didn’t care. Fiverr has gigs for only 30 days in length. The problem is when you have 3 orders of a 50k word novel, plus 8 plots to write, some will end up being late. The clients didn’t mind because I usually tell them my workload but they say they don’t care, they just want me to write their books and not looking elsewhere. So, I kind of went along with that for a long time. I’ve been working to get it up since the new system came into play and now it’s 86% but not sure what will happen, if I will get there before February 14. I’m also losing revenue because whereas clients let me know they can wait and put in their orders just the same, now I have to turn them away just to keep a on-time delivery. It’s really sad.”

I’m saying the system doesn’t account for individual circumstances nor does it allow for appeal. Even Facebook allows you to appeal when your advertising is denied.

Fiverr became famous for it’s flexibility. I don’t think Fiverr is flexible anymore.


It’s not flexible.

Today, for example - the province I live in had a huge wind storm that knocked my power out from 10 am till almost 6 pm (my usual working hours). 65,000 homes were without power, some still don’t have it. Thank goodness I was up at 6 because the strong winds rattling my windows, had kept me awake all night – so decided to knock some orders of of the way. I am glad I did, because if I hadn’t I would have had two late deliveries, no fault of my own.

Last year my power was knocked out for 3 days, and several orders were late, as result… but I didn’t have the same concerns then, as I do now.

Like I have been saying steadily - sellers should be accountable for what they can CONTROL – and not for things they can’t control, such as acts of nature, customer’s changing minds, ordering wrong things etc.

It’s entirely frustrating to me, to be honest, because i am not grasping the logic behind it - and I consider myself a relatively balanced individual.