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Will Fiverr Implement Voice Chat between Sellers & Buyers?

Please make a voice chat option for quicker and more efficient communication


That’s a great idea :+1:t3: I support that


I definitely don’t want that…
I don’t need buyers trying to call me every time they have a question. What if I have 100+ clients per month? That will be hectic to answer all their calls.
I prefer having messages and everything documented.


While I do agree with you in those regards, I have to say that some of the services could benefit from having a voice communication system integrated into Fiverr because they could easily then provide a way to download the conversation afterwards or even just store it until the gig is completed to keep things documented.

Sometimes ideas are hard to communicate and having to write a novel to get on the same page when a simple voice chat session would’ve knocked that all out could make it more useful for larger client bases as well. Although they would need a better way to communicate that at set times during the day, you just don’t want calls or just limit it to when both parties are online would probably work as well.

I also prefer messages so that all are documented and I can read well between lines

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I got an order recently where my client wanted to use the meeting program Zoom and if you have not tried it, I would highly recommend using it for calls because you have so many options, one being the ability to record the call audio and video. It worked out great and in the end I have an audio, video, and a combined file to store in my records.

To address mariashtelle1’s concern, you don’t have to add anyone, just create a meeting and send out an invite link to your client and after the meeting is over, that link no longer works. While it’s not part of Fiverr, I think it’s the best option I’ve used so far for clients that require voice communications, and since it’s free, I probably won’t find anything better unless Fiverr comes out with something impressive and useful.

I am against allowing voice/video calls on Fiverr, since this will make spam messages very painful. What I suggest is introducing an option for voice records to be sent and received. This will save both buyers and sellers time, and in the same time won’t cause any harm for any one. Plus, if an active/ongoing order requires making voice/video calls, then there are plenty of websites and apps that can offer this service - it doesn’t need to be through Fiverr.

really bad idea in my opinion,not all sellers and buyers have a perfect pronunciation in english , I think it would complicate things unnecessary

If it’s an option, it’s there. You don’t actually need/have to use it unless you do. I’m referring to voice records.