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Will fiverr let my order cancel?

Hi there, I am a new seller on fiverr. I created my account 5 months ago, but started to receive order only for the last 2 months. I have completed around 6 orders(with 5 reviews). Now I am facing a problem. A buyer has placed an order(a bot). I delivered the bot long before deadline. But the buyer being very poor with computers, is not being able to understand that the bot I delivered works perfectly. I have sent him 2 video guides(one for setup and other for operating the bot). and 4 pdf.(in details) First he said, the bot is not working in his system, then I realized that he doesn’t even know to follow looking at the video guide I have sent him. I asked him to connect with me remotely so that I can fix any problem he may be facing, but he said that he would prefer just guide. Then after 2 days, he agreed to connect with me remotely and I noticed that he was doing everything incorrectly, not following the pdf and video guides. Then he asked me for a revision. I thought what would I revised, than I thought to let’s make it a bit simple(as simpler as I could). Now my question is will I get my pay or the buyer can cancel the order. If he did then, it would be very unfair, as I have delivered as promised(in fact more) and due to his lack of computer skills he is misunderstanding. Can he cancel the order? What would I do now?. I hate these kind of situations when people don’y have the minimum skills required to even understand basic thing and order complicated things that they don’t understand. This way they may end up wasting others time. Please provide any valuable suggestion? I would appreciate any suggestion from you guys, as I am new I don’t know much about these things, and still learning. Thank you.

Update: The buyer till date has made 3 revision requests. Though in the custom order I mentioned no revision. I contacted fiverr support and they advised me to not continue any further revisions until I get paid and make him understand his mistake by explaining to him in details(which I have tried many times, as I should not say, but the buyers is kinda dumb and he is abusing my time)

Update: The order was automatically marked as complete.

If you have done everything according to the requirements you don’t have to cancel the order. Even if the buyer send cancel request you can choose not to cancel it. Consider the fact that, Buyer can leave a 1* review if they wish to.

You can try contacting CS, they can help/guide you with the order.
However it is not allowed to contact buyer outside of fiverr, it might get you into trouble.

Good Luck!

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Okay, so there is a possibility that I can choose not to cancel. I didn’t know that. Thank you.

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