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Will Fiverr read our message?

Will Fiverr read or check my conversation with my buyer? Like something I need to deliver some important, “confidential” doc. Will Fiverr check on the doc. I send to the buyer?


If they choose to, Fiverr’s CS can read conversations between you and your buyer and look at the documents you send your buyer.


But there will be no privacy on Fiverr, what if the doc contains some confidential info that can’t be leak or some important stuff that can’t allow third party to know. Fiverr also don’t allow seller to communicate outside of Fiverr

No there is no privacy on fiverr. This is a site with a large staff and they need to see what goes on here. You can expect that anything you send can and will be seen by fiverr staff.

It’s fiverr’s site. Can’t they be allowed to see what’s on it?

Agree, but something is not meant to let third-party knows, like secret ingredients, or family tree background, company secret, strategy…

Simple thing is you cant say fiverr anything even if they are doing something incorrect because you are in their property they are not in yours example - south korea.

Also the sellers who have tied up with fiverr gets good support from them no matter what they sell or do :smiley:

If it’s so secret you can’t let fiverr see it then you shouldn’t be putting it here. Because fiverr is going to see it.

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I recently sent my CV in messages to a buyer interested who wanted to hire me for her organization but as soon as I sent her my CV I told her I wouldn’t work outside fiverr for her. Is there something I should be worried about?

As far as I know there are 2 ways
First the most correct one will be deny the offer as Fiverr wont allow any communication outside of Fiverr , will get ban IF GET CAUGHT
Second will be, try to work for her outside of the fiverr, but dont pay via fiverr use other payment method. There are people that bring the buyer out of Fiverr as a return buyer ( as 20% commision is too high)

hmm, because Fiverr can bring traffic to my service ?

I don’t want to work for her outside Fiverr but unfortunately I’ve already sent her my CV in messages which also contained my email but I also told her I wouldn’t work outside Fiverr. I really don’t want get banned. What can I do to avoid getting banned?

just deny and screenshot of evidence that you did deny the buyer, so next time fiverr check on you, it will be better if you can protect yourself- you provide the evidence