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Will Fiverr remove a bad review?


Hi, I’ve been on Fiverr for 9 months and never had a bad review. This morning, a buyer for whom I bent over backward - even gave him some free time to tend to his concerns, gave me a really bad review. What’s your experience? Will Fiverr remove such a bad review if they look at my overall profile, ratings and reviews from other buyers?


In short, no.

I checked out your profile: a 3.5 feels like a punch to the gut, but you’ve got 70+ great reviews behind that one bad one. Don’t let a single bad apple discourage you. Keep providing outstanding service like you already do and put it behind you.


That’s nice of you Josh, thanks! Yes, it is human, hey? We tend to focus on the one bad thing and forget about the 70 good ones.


I’m guilty, too! That’s why I like to come to the forums when I’m feeling down, so that my fellow freelancers can help tug me back up.