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Will Fiverr Studios be successful?

I highly doubt that Fiverr Studios will be successful because if I am not wrong Fiverr studios has been launched and its been about a week or more
And all fiverr studio gigs appear on the 1st page, then too no orders and reviews from a buyer
Checkout ::
or it maybe that people would have ordered the studio gigs and the orders are under process
as average delivery time of studio gigs is 6-7 days
(BTW :: I checked some studio gigs but did not see any orders in queue)
Your suggestions would be appreciated

I think it’s far too early to doubt the success of the studio feature. It will take time and perhaps more marketing (like sending buyers coupon codes specifically for use on a studio gig) until many or most buyers are even aware of it.


Same conversation was had days into the Pro feature 2 years ago.

People that did not participate in the program were jumping the gun by presuming it was a failure.

I am a Studio lead and I am discussing with a select few sellers, formulating my offering at the same time.

There’s definitely no rush to publish my gig, nor is this feature targeting the majority of buyers on this platform.


That too. I doubt that most sellers who got the option are in a rush or even have enough time for it. I have a studio idea I think could be quite successful, and based not on my assumptions but on actual buyer requests on BR and from personal experience with what buyers ask for, but I didn’t yet have the time to think it through, search for suitable studio partners, set it up. It’s on my would-be-nice-to-do list but currently other things have priority.
And yes, the studio I have in mind would cater to a specific buyer group.


Studio leads are 100% responsible for the output.

So choosing sellers to collaborate isn’t as simple as “I animate, you design, another seller does the VO”

Our values, positioning, experience and work ethics must align.


I just don’t understand studios. I understand how certain tasks need to be completed by more than one individual. However, I don’t understand why Fiverr is attempting to brand this as something special. From a buyer perspective, It just doesn’t seem appealing.

For one, the term studios is not really appropriate and is possibly misleading. Think studio and you think physical space, a team that knows each other and have worked together for a number of years. - Or at least that’s what comes to my mind.

If they look into what Studios is, buyers will realize that a studio is just the same as a team like on a certain Fiverr competitor platform. (Which a lot of ideas seem to get borrowed from.)

In short, I as a buyer would imagine that if I am ordering from a Fiverr Studio I’m either:

  • Ordering from a real studio brand setting up shop on Fiverr
  • Ordering from a team who is known to work well together and deliver remarkable results

I don’t think that studios is a bad idea per se. I just think Fiverr has injected a new term into the marketplace without really making it clear what a studio is in a way which is appealing to most buyers. I think that the idea also diminishes a little of the whole ‘hand-vetted’ idea which is supposed to make Pro and TRS sellers appealing.

The idea of Pros being hand vetted is fine. The idea of TRS sellers being hand vetted is fine. However, if I see a Studio offered by a hand vetted Level 2 or whatever seller, my first question would be, “well if they are hand vetted too, why aren’t they a Pro or TRS seller?”

For this reason, as well as focusing a bit more on clarifying what studios is, I’d personally make studios available only to Pro and TRS sellers.

Of course, like everything, we’ll just have to wait and see.


I mean, the studio (or agency) feature on that other site is pretty good. There are people who can’t for the life of them work alone in a productive way and for them, this model is more comfortable. Then there are better chances to work with a more serious brand you wouldn’t be able to take on alone.

Successful big brand projects are good for fiverr’s PR. Good PR = we all win.


I personally think it should be ‘supply chain’…it would stop animators etc promising VOs to their client and then not paying for the correct commercial rights etc…it should be up to the customer to select all the services they want and from who…and Fiverr should make it happen - not another seller.

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I think it’s a great idea as long as people know about it. I didn’t know where that link was, thank you. And it still depends on the abilities of the people involved.


Maybe, now. But that perception might change over time and people won’t automatically think of a physical space but just as well a virtual space with a team of people that know each other and have worked together for a number of years (if the studio feature will take off and once it will be a few years old, this will be the case, to some extent).

I’m fine with the term and I can definitely see the appeal for buyers. If they have found a seller they love to work with and trust, and that seller is the lead of a studio which can provide other things the buyer also needs, they only need to deal with that one trusted seller, which will save them quite a bit of time and perhaps frustration too.


It has room for some glitches. It’s only as good as the weakest link in the team. It takes a lot of maturity and responsibility on the part of everyone in the team. The weak part of this could be if someone knows they are not accountable, won’t be graded in any way, and will be anonymous and decide that in spite of having a job to do for the studio, really wants to take off for a week, and does so leaving the others hanging. Not one bad thing will happen to him if he does this.

I’ve hired a lot of people in my day. Some arrive exactly on time and work like a dog doing exactly what they are supposed to do, and do this whether I’m there to watch them or not.

Others always arrive late, do as little as possible, kill time, goof off, don’t get much done and leave early, and have to be watched every second.

So it depends on which kind of worker everyone in the team is.


Exactly. The main reason why I haven’t put my studio idea into practise yet is that I don’t like being dependent on others. I know I’d need “ages” to pick my team and currently I have other things I need to spend time on, including but not limited to my own personal gigs.
Then the idea of maybe having to tell someone I picked that they are out if it doesn’t work out with them, and such … not really my cup of tea.

Regardless, I do like the Studio idea, as well as my idea for one, so we’ll see.


I like the idea too. It’s best if you have people you have been working with for years and know them personally outside of fiverr, and know they are totally dependable solid talented workers. I’ve been lucky enough to find people like this in real life but to try to put together a team of people you don’t even know wouldn’t work nine times out of ten.


I love the STUDIO idea…so I can collaborate with others…

As I do get a lot of requests for logos… (I do logos for local clients but not on fiverr).
I have been trying to find someone to help me with the logos in my team… still I didn’t had much luck finding someone I can be so sure still…

I am also a studio lead…


Its a great step by fiverr and here I’m wishing that any lead will consider me for his studio member.

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