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Will flags/warnings go away with time?

Hello guys,

I have a question - I have received a flag/warning due to using “Deliver” option improperly (delivering empty order), which was caused by the order being improperly placed and worded in such a confusing manner that I did not know how to respond. According to its content, the client wanted some help and wanted me to contact him via the e-mail provided. I replied that I would gladly help him and therefore - completed the order. It turned out that he wanted that message to be translated.

However, it is not the main point, for that case was sent to the Customer Service for review, as I think flagging me for that is completely out of place. I just want to ask - will flags/warnings go away after the period of 30 days and if a similar situation happen afterwards I will receive first warning once again? Or are those warning permanently ascribed to my account and after 1 year from receiving my first warning and having the same issue I will receive a second warning?

Thank you for your help in advance! :slight_smile:

Does somebody know the answer to my question? :slight_smile: I would be extremely grateful for any answer :slight_smile:

You’re only penalized by being demoted/not promoted for 30 days, but the warning/flags stay on your account forever.


I see…I have provided the administration with reasons for the problem occuring and asked them to cancel the flag/warning…do you think it is possible for them to do so?

I think it disappear from your account after 90 days . this is what i heard from someone

It is possible for them to do it, but it’s very unlikely that they will actually do it, especially since you did send an empty delivery.

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Yeah, it was a very unusual situation and I explained it all - it was not done on purpose but I am afraid that it may not be enough for the administration…well, I have to try :slight_smile: