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Will i be banned if i contact fiverr sellers i think need my service?


Hello guys, Am lunching a new gig soon. To be in a self hand, i would want to know if i use the contact button on fiverr to approach other sellers on fiverr that i think will be really interested in the gig i offer, will i be banned for this?


That is considered as spam and is not allowed. Suggest you check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page as a violation can put your account at risk.


EVERYBODY thinks they offer a great service that everyone else should buy.
However, the truth is that anyone who wants a service on Fiverr will go and buy it, not wait for someone to contact them.
I never have and never will buy from anyone who sends me messages asking me to, it is rude, affects my response time stats and in general, the services being offered are so rubbish that it is actually insulting that they think I would be interested in it! So, not only will it get you banned, it won’t even be effective!

On the other hand, you have done well to not just start spamming people and instead posted on the forum which is the right thing to do when you are not sure, so good luck with the gig when it launches.


Yes. Worse, you will be verbally hung drawn, and quartered by the majority of people you message.


Everything @eoinfinnegan said, plus: even if I would eventually be interested in the kind of service offered, I would never buy it from the person who spammed my inbox.


In any Condition