Will i be number 1 seller?. Please tell me anyone


Hello Everybody, I am new in fiverr. I got 33sales in 16days. 3was mutually cancelled and i got 15positive reviews and 1negative review. My No1 seller badge is showing 90% in Sales Analytics. will i be a no1 seller?. plz…can anyone know?


Well, if it is at 90%, it is climbing, right? So, of course you will be, eventually.

3 sales in 16 days with 3 cancelled though. Hmm. 100% cancellation rate.


thanks for your reply


sorry that. i wrote wrong. its 33sales.


Your gigs will soon be denied. Duplicated gigs.


Yeah they will eventually catch the multiple gigs.


if i remove some of them?


i have deleted some of theme. could you plz check and let me know now its okay?


15 million people. Really? For $5.00? I am going to guess you mean “15 million bots”. If you could really reach 15 million people, you should be charging thousands.


here is no chance to offer thousands.


You still have 2 of the same gig. Bot traffic gigs are eventually problematic too, but if you insist on taking the risk, make 1 gig for it.

Added before I stop wasting my time: Changing one or two words isn’t enough either. However, if you want to destroy your account, go ahead.


Inshallah i pray for u …


If you can really get people’s links in front of 15 million people with ease, you need to be talking to the MASSIVE corporations. They will pay big bucks for this. Hell, with the right targeting, they may just pay $100,000s. You are selling yourself short with $5.00!


Thinking exactly the same thing, almost as bad as that other Muppet who said he had access to 400 million users on Twitter, I mean seriously if you really had this much access you would be charging far greater than $5.00, looks like just another case of the kiddie script bot gigs…


actually i love to help people by promoting their link or music. that’s y i opened promotion gigs. could you plz tell me if i change the title “I will share your link to worldwide” in place of “I will promote your link to 15million people” and description. will it be risk free?. or i should remove one of them permanently?. . plz help me…


Ohh. You meant LEVEL 1 seller. Yes sure. :smiley:


Yes but are you really promoting to fifteen million people? That’s the problem. Right now it just appears as you scamming.


I hope you guys saw my gig description and my reviews.
if you didn’t see then i wanna mention here. I just share the link to 300google communities and 500facebook groups. i don’t give guarantee about views/plays/click/ but give guarantee about refund. hope you better understand than me. Some of you suggesting me about finding another source for increasing my income…but one thing i blv that, here in fiverr many people give thousand worth service only for 5. (Example: “I will make logo for you with unlimited revision only for 5”. why 5 with unlimited revision?. could you plz tell me…) Isn’t. it?. so why not me?. I here in fiverr for giving my service only for 5 and it helps me to get more sales. thanks for your valuable comment.


Thank you!


Thank you!!