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Will I be paid?

Hello Everyone,

I have joined Fiverr few days back. I got a message in my inbox today to complete a task for 5$. After I completed the task I had sent the file to the buyer as an attachment.
My Dashboard is showing -
Order Completed - 100%
Delivered on Time - 100%

But my Manage Sales page is showing " No delivered orders to show and No completed orders to show".
Why is this difference?? Will I get my payment??

This was my first task and I am confused about the system.

Please Help.


I just looked at your only gig and it doesn’t appear to have any sales. Did you do work for someone who placed on order? If they just sent you a message asking you to do something but didn’t place a real order, that won’t show as a sale.

Does that mean that even though I had worked for the buyer I would not get my payment??

If the buyer didn’t actually order, there is no way to be paid even if you did work. It is very important not to do any work for someone until they click the order button. That way Fiverr holds their payment for you until the work is done and the clearance time passes. To be sure you can look at your Revenues page to see if you have any funds pending.

Thank you :slight_smile: