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Will I Be Penalized For This?

Hi Friends,

I’m kind of stuck and looking for some words of wisdom.

So, my gig offers a logo design with two optional revisions. A recent buyer used up their two revisions but requested another. Their instructions for this revision are very confusing. I’ve messaged them a couple times asking for further explanation, but on top of this I also have to ask that they purchase an extra revision. They haven’t gotten back to me in days.

What I’m wondering is…

If they don’t get back to me, will the order still complete automatically within 3 days even with the revision requested?
Or will I somehow be penalized as unable to complete the order because I left a revision request sit?

Eventually the gig will be mark as complete but our problem should be “bad review”. what if he get us bad review so that’s why we should keep trying to satisfy the buyer.
Or you can cancel the gig if you think he’s going to give you a bad review.