Will I be stuck in Level 1 forever?


After getting to level 1 with more than 10 positive reviews, I suddently got to the “five stars” ranking system.

Someone gave me a positive review but on 4.5 OVER 5 stars.

Now my overall rank is 99% with 4 an a half stars. WTF!?

Will I lose many customers? and Will I be stuck in level 1 forever, losing the possibility to get into level 2 in two monts?

giovannidaniel said: Should we open a petition against it!?




Sorry to tell you, but you need to have way more orders with perfect rating to get to level 2.

Level 1 is after 10 orders, level 2 is after 40 orders. If sistem is still same.

And about ARS, you need to have good luck to get 5stars now, we all need luck for this.


Is it possible, even if I got 4,5 stars by a review, in front of all other 100% positive and 5 stars rank?




I think it is possible if you get 40 orders with perfect rating.

But to be honest that new ARS sistem, I have no idea anymore how they are looking now.

Before was 40 positive reviews in 2 months (I think) and you would become level 2. Now I have no idea how it works with ARS.

I only know that I hate ARS


I hate it too!

Should we open a petition against it!?


Reply to @giovannidaniel: Me! Month and 2 weeks, 77 sales %100 positive review (But got many 4.5 stars) stuck on level 0 :confused: Sent a message last tuesday and no one answer me


From Levels:

You made over 50 orders in the past two months while maintaining excellent ratings and a solid track record.

Fiverr has never clearly stated what terms like “excellent ratings” mean exactly, but 99% rating should be plenty high enough. When you’ve made enough sales and been on Fiverr long enough, you should be promoted to Level 2. I’ve seen sellers ratings drop as low as 88%-89% and still keep their level (this was after achieving a higher level).


Thank you Celticmoon

Thanks to everyone!!