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Will I ever get 100% rating again?

Hello :slight_smile: I have a question and I didn’t find a reply to it yet, sorry if I’m repeating after someone.

I had one negative review (it was fair, we just couldn’t manage to collaborate anymore) - and 3 cancellations so far. Literally none of these was my fault, but you know how it is with buyers who order wrong gig, or ask for several things but refuse to pay more than 1 gig etc. etc. It doesn’t appear on my profile, but it affects it, I’m sure.

I have 130+ completed orders, and it still says 99% on my profile. Will that ever change, and what exactly creates that number? :slight_smile:

From the Fiverr TOS: :black_medium_small_square:The seller’s rating is calculated based on a number of factors, including feedback received from buyers, amount of orders, cancelled orders, and late deliveries.

I don’t know if or when your rating will change. I suppose you could try asking customer service. Good luck~

Reply to @celticmoon: Thank you thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, Ynneblack.

Consider this… 1 neg out of 100 orders gives you a 99% positive rating.

1 neg out of 200 orders gives you a 99.5% …which may still be rounded to 99.

But at 1 neg out of 201 orders and you’ll have 100% positive rating again.

Also, buyers who have used Fiverr for any time realize that negative reviews are not always a reflection of the work quality, but more a difference of opinion, or from a particularly picky buyer (and sometimes from nasty people out to hurt their competition!). Always remember that potential buyers will probably read any negative reviews AND your response to them. If you come across as reasonable, concerned, polite, etc. they will be more likely to overlook the negatives. (example: I’m sorry I was unable to completely understand what your were looking for in a {product} and hope you find what you’re looking for. Or, I offered modifications to this buyer which he did not want to accept).

Don’t make accusations or excuses, just state the facts. You’ll come across more professionally.

I think you already know this, so this is really advice to any newbies who might read this thread~!

Reply to @celticmoon:

I agree with this. I was a bit hostile to a buyer and CS essentially refused to get involved in regards to it. Albeit I had the right to be hostile for them leaving a bad feedback on a “typo” I made that the buyer couldn’t produce, but still.

@ynneblack It’s not as important as you might think. You do get it back eventually as was already covered, but I have seen users with feedback of 95% still getting tons of orders. One bad feedback won’t effect your orders. Try to maintain at least 99% and focus more on getting bulk orders than working about a bad feedback.

However! Too many bad feedback’s can put your level status and extras ability at risk. Be careful, and if you feel the feedback was left unfairly contact CS. I have had a few bad feedbacks left that I promptly got removed. Essentially, don’t let your buyer walk all over you. I did have one that stuck, but it hasn’t effected my sales since. In fact, I feel like I got more sales from people defending me in regards to it that actually encouraged more orders. Perhaps just a coincidence, :slight_smile:

Reply to @anarchofighter: Thank you :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure how it’s made, but even if it’s from more elements, this would make sense!

Reply to @celticmoon: Thank you very much for your supporting words there. I agree one or two negative reviews aren’t a reason to ignore the seller, it’s just that I’d like to maintain it, as good as I can, and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid bad reviews - 99% feels okay, 98% would feel worse and 97% or less would make me kind of uneasy. :confused: It just feels better and safer to keep the rating up. :slight_smile: And thank you again for advice.

Reply to @freelancemm: Thank you as well, I hope it will not - although when comparing sellers, it sounds reasonable to choose the one with fewer negative reviews. I’ll see how it goes. But thank you. And I would definitely contact them, it may be useful :slight_smile: If I get enough evidence, I guess. :smiley: :slight_smile: I hope you don’t get such customers too often :confused:

@ynneblack For the most part, buyers aren’t so bad. It’s just some, usually the one’s that barely pay anything that are the hassle buyers.