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Will I Ever Get My First Order?

Just like many of the new Fiverr sellers I’m still agonizing about selling my first gig. I’m not sure how you guys do it but can you take a look at my first gig and give me some advises please?

Yes, you will. You will not orders often as a new seller.

To improve your sales;

  1. Talk to your friends about the service you are rendering on fiverr.

You might be surprised a lot of them might need your services or they know someone who needs it.

When your friends and family members buy your services, you are sure of getting good ratings and reviews which will help convince others that you are good at what you do.

  1. Share your services on social media.
    If you have a lot of followers on twitter and Facebook, tell them about your services.

This will expose your gig to lots of individuals and also increases your ranking on fiverr with social signals.

  1. Take time to write your description and also try to deliver quality services. Your buyers can even refer their friends to you.
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Be patient dear, things will change, keep marketing