Will I get a level drop if one of my stat is red?



Not sure if I’ve well understood the new level system but here is my situation.

I have a nice profile with more than 500 five stars reviews and my buyers are always happy with my work.

However, since I’m mainly working on dev-related projects, my buyers often need to take some time to review and test my work and sometimes ask for revisions.

Because of that, sometimes, the order becomes “late” even if, in the end, I get a 5 stars review and my buyer is still super happy. So actually, I’m having a 79% on-time delivery. If I don’t go over 90% on 15th of January, does it mean I will lose my level 2? If that’s the case, I find this system a little unfair…



You don’t want to have late deliveries for any reason, especially with this new system. If your buyers need to take time to review and test, you can do that without it counting as a late delivery. You can either use the time extension request before it goes late, or deliver your first try on-time and have the buyer request a modification for as long as they need.

I agree that some parts of the new system are harsh, but the penalties for lateness are understandable so I can’t argue with that one. It has hit me once too when I just literally forgot to deliver exactly on time even though the order was done. I was only a little late, but it knocked me down a few percent. It’s still my own dumb fault.

As far as losing level 2, if you don’t get your percentage over 90% by Jan 15, it is likely that you will lose your level 2. You will be in the same boat as a lot of other people and you can earn it back. Since we haven’t seen the system in action yet, though, none of us really know how it will go in reality.


Indeed a serious matter…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: