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Will I get a refund, if I cancel a request?


This is my first time ordering at fiverr, will I get a refund if I cancel a request? Or should I contact customer support?


Why do you want to cancel your order? Have you received what you ordered?


Keep in mind that if you’ve received what you ordered and the delivery matches the advertised description of the gig you purchased, trying to get a refund either way is not fair towards the seller whose time & expertise you’ve paid for in the first place, and is also against the terms of the site.

If, however, your buyer delivered something that doesn’t match with their gig’s description, then you can request a modification of the delivery instead of thinking about a refund right away. Try settling things up with your seller and see if you can reach to an agreement so that both parties are happy with the transaction.

Finally, if the seller cannot be reasoned with and hasn’t deliver what was promised, you can request a cancellation to obtain a refund. And in the case your seller doesn’t agree with the refund, you can then reach out to Customer Support and describe your situation so that they can help you out.

P.S. on a different thought: if your seller requested you to cancel the order, then you will get a refund only if you click the “accept” button on that cancellation request.


I cancel the order before the delivery and the seller agreed to cancel request but I did not get a refund.


You’ll need to ask Customer Services about any type of refund etc. Usually, you’ll get a credit back to your Fiverr balance I believe.


the funds (minus the fiverr transaction fee) will be returned to you as Fiverr credit to be used on another Fiverr gig. That new Fiverr gig will not have a fiverr transaction fee).