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Will I Get Any Order?

I Have Created 2 Gigs, My First Gig is For Wordpress Customization. I Got 200+ Impressions And 6 Clicks But Didn’t Get Any Order. Can You Please Tell Me,Is My Gig Good?? :slight_smile:


I understand your wish to have your first customer.
May I ask yow long has it been that you are on Fiverr?

I am a level 1 seller and to help you put perspective, I’ll give you some figures:
I started my journey on Fiverr the 8th of June 2020.
To get my very first order (thanks to answering to a buyer request for a voice-over job), I waited 9 days. I started with a $5 gig. Then I waited 2 days for another order (same as for the first I answered to a buyer request). Then I got 10 days without anything.
Then orders came more often and I noticed that business bring business because in July I had to manage 15 orders at the same time.
What I’ll suggest to you is what I did myself:

  • Look at what other successful freelancers do in your category and see what you can improve in your gig (put your picture in your gig’s description for instance).

  • Answer to buyer requests. It may take some time to win one but it’s worth it. I have some buyers I continue to work with that discovered me thanks to a buyer request job I’ve done for them.

  • Be patient. I didn’t share my own results to make any comparison only to help you. No journey is the same on Fiverr or in life but patience is crucial :slight_smile: Sometimes we’ll wait a week, a month or more to get orders. And sometimes we’ll have 15 to 25 orders to manage at the same time. It’s a game to enjoy.

  • Look at Learn by Fiverr. I’ve taken 3 courses there and some are free some aren’t BUT they are definitely worth it for 2 reasons. One is that you become better in one field so you’ll provide higher quality services. Two is that your gig will rank better in the Fiverr’s algorithm :wink: That will lead more potential buyer to see your gig and do business with you.

Hope it helped!
Kind regards.


Is it weird that I don’t have any buyer requests? I did have 2 appear a few days ago but they were unrelated to the language I am translating/teaching.


I just wanted to say i really wish you get orders real soon.


You get orders soon be patient.


I Got Only 1 Buyer Request, How Can I Get More Buyer Request?? :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bro :slight_smile:

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Okay, Thanks :slight_smile:



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  1. Optimizing gig title by using relevant keyword in it.
  2. Optimizing gig description.
  3. Improving your gig impression, conversion, and views.

Thanks For Your Suggestion :slight_smile:

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:slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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No actually it’s normal.
See buyer requests are only visible for those whom can answer to them.
For instance, if you offer “translation from arabic to english” you won’t be able to see a buyer request for voice over in german.
Does it make sens @mdeiasinkhanovi ?
For having more buyer requests, you need to regularly look at the topic in your Fiverr profile and answer each one you can. Patience is key again :wink:


Freelancing is not so easy.
You have to work hard. I also got a lot of impressions at first, got a lot of clicks but didn’t get an order. But slowly the buyer started knocking. I talk to them, some give work, some don’t. But if you stick to it and if you know really good work, you will get a job in the front row.
Keep trust on yourself. You can do.


Good suggestion thanks for sharing


Stay in fiverr more time and analyze more and share your gig on social media. Hope you get order. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Delivered two orders within 3 days. One was the top-rated buyer she even rated me a five-star review. And the other also said will write review after a bit of time.

How did it happen?

Certainly, buyer requests.

I previously also had some messages in my inbox I even got another order before these two but had to cancel it.

So, you can see the power of a properly written buyer request.

My history of Fiverr:
:diamonds: Buyers requested after seeing requests
:diamonds:They wanted to order but didn’t have money
:diamonds: Other said it didn’t like my work and other before that was out of my scope of language
:diamonds:I got an order not through buyer requests
:diamonds:Had to cancel it
:diamonds:I thought I’ll never get an order because I’m a new seller with no experience and also had a cancelled order which means I faced downside in impressions and clicks
:diamonds:Didn’t loose hope
:diamonds:Continued to send buyer requests
:diamonds:One day wake up and saw a message to send samples I didn’t have any, so I made a sample for the client which was of 2k+ words within 2 hours
:diamonds:The client liked it
:diamonds:We chated for 2 to 3 days then she ordered
:diamonds:Lastly, that day only another client contacted me
:diamonds:She told to send a sample
:diamonds:I did transcription of 2 mins as she said with her link
:diamonds: Told her a truth that one video already had transcription in the article alongside(CTRL+f that was what I used to match words of video to text)
:diamonds:Gave her the delivery she liked it(it was 8k words after transcription within a day)
:diamonds: Gave me another set of file and told to look that it also had the transcription the article or not
:diamonds:I gave details of which had and which not
:diamonds:She told she might order in the weekend and I told her that I’ll contact her today
:diamonds:Today Again gave another the delivery…

Totally till now I sent 101 buyer requests and will start sending again from today…

So, what you need to learn is being honest and hard-working…

If you want to know what was my request format and how did I sent the requests please stay on the forum and reply to this for it. Don’t contact personally…I’ll see here if you send any message.
Happy earning!!! :grinning: :grinning:


My pleasure :slight_smile:
When I started on Fiverr, I felt a bit lost.
This forum is a great place to find help and support.
And I’m happy to contribute to our community :heart:


Correct. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for sharing ur experience it’s really helpful

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