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Will i get banned for it?


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Will I get banned for it? I am really afraid of it. What can I do? Already reported the buyer.


I can’t tell from what you are showing that you agreed or not to something not allowed.


The guy contacted me and offered his skpe username to discuss some project with me there. I replied : no i will not discuss there. i will discuss here. And then i supposed what was his project about - to create an acc on Upwrk. And the name of that web-site turned out to be in Fiverrs black list so they detected this message as susupcious. Now I dont know what will happen…


As long as you didn’t say you would do it I don’t think you will be banned.


I don’t think Fiverr is gonna penalize you for merely mentioning their competitor.

However, I think one of those messages (where you called the person out for being from a particular country/race) has a slight racist innuendo attached to it. I am not sure if that would be the reason why Fiverr might choose to penalize you. :thinking:

You also presumed that the prospective buyer was looking for an upw… account without their mentioning it. :crying_cat_face:


When I get one of those messages I write “no” and report it as spam.


The thing is that I and some of my friends had several people from that country who wanted the same thing. So, I said that, no racism for sure.


I totally get it. I hope Fiverr does, too.


I hope too, but their rules are strict. Do you think they will ban my account permanently or for some period?


you are safe brother go ahead


Why do you think so bro?


I have no idea. Only Fiverr knows.


cuz you didn’t violate any rules and you kept tos by your side ! cheers


Thanks, hope Fiverr thinks the same! Cheers!


I am sure fiverr help and trust safety team will help you instead banning you.


Hope so, thank you for your positive words:)


I would suggest that you don’t make assumption and definitely don’t refer to your assumptions when speaking to potential buyers. Whether you meant for it to be offensive or not, it did sound that way. Since you were also the first to mention upwork, you probably got flagged both that and for talking to another user in a biased/unprofessional way. If you don’t get in trouble for it just be more careful. Treat Fiverr as a business and treat people with respect when possible.


Thanks for advice, I talk with respect with all people except for scammers offering to discuss something out of this place.


That’s all cool and dandy. However, you didn’t confirm they were a scammer before talking to them about the upw*** account. You presumed they were scammers. What if they weren’t?

Just cuz a lot of scammers contacted you from a particular country, it doesn’t automatically make EVERYONE from that country a scammer. You get my point, right? :slight_smile:

When the person asked you to contact them outside Fiverr, you coulda just ended the conversation by saying that you didn’t wanna do that since it’s against ToS.


It’s outrageous to say to someone “you are from xyz country. I know what you want. Everyone from there wants an u**** account.” It’s not professional and it’s insulting and prejudiced against people from that country. It makes no difference if they are spammers. It’s just not a nice way to talk to anyone. How you communicate is really important. People do get banned for talking that way sometimes.