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Will I get banned ? :(

Conversation with the buyer/spammer…

Hello How are you? Have a good weekend break

Hi! Sure. Would you like a new logo for your company?

NIce to meet you

I saw your good feedback
I thiink you are exvellent and honest man

well thank you!

Have you ever think that you can work outside Fiver? In our new business you can cooperation 1-2 hours per day

I’m working outside of fiverr too as a freelancer, what exactly have you got in mind?

Your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team due to a possible Terms of Service violation. This may take up to 24 hours. In the meantime, ************* can’t see your message. We appreciate your patience.

I create logos here but I’m a also a freelance designer.

I mean you are working all time for this business
In this deal your role is very simple and easy
instead of that you can receive 100$ per month from this buisness

I’m being flagged just for mentioning that I work other places too… so no I’m not accepting work here sorry… Have a nice day…

I did not continue the conversation. I’m very sad that I even responded to him:(

Mod Note: Username removed.


If you face trouble for anything, it will be for this…

You probably shouldn’t have asked that question.

You need to remove the name of the other person from your post above as that is not allowed on the forum.

I agree with @cubittaudio. However, I wouldn’t worry too much.

What I would worry about is how you were about to fall for the most common scam on Fiverr. AKA the “flatter the seller to death, then fish for their private contact details” scam.


It looks like the other person was banned.

Not just for mentioning, but for expressing interest to work with someone somewhere else.


It’s fine to work in more than one place, but do not mention it to buyers on Fiverr. If a buyer messages you here and then you offer or agree to work with them off-site, that would be considered a violation of the terms of service.


Getting A LOT of these types of requests.
I always answer with-
“Contact outside of Fiverr in this manner is not allowed”
This automatically gets the review pop up.
Then I block em from the app.
Then I check how long they have been a member.
Then report them from their screen name as spam.
Call me harsh but I have not got time for this nonsense :angry:.


It is nonsense. I have (on purpose) went down the rabbit hole on another platform with one of these ‘buyers.’ They end up asking for your bank details and social security, etc. They say they need this to pay you. However. they also say they will pay you at the end of the month (after you have worked for a month).

My belief is that these offers are 2 sided scams. On one side a buyer gets free work. On the other, they also get all the information they need to steal your identity.

What I get shocked by is how many people seem to fall for scams like this. It is like a lot of people have blind trust for anyone online who pitches to work with them.


Yeppers, I read an article the other day on “overpayment voice over scams”.
They suck you in, and some legitimately pay you and then claw it back.
Stay in your lane Fiverr newbs?

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well… there is a first time for everything. I’m only 2 weeks old on Fiverr :)…


“I’m working outside of fiverr too as a freelancer, what exactly have you got in mind?”

The only reason you would need to ask this question is if you were considering taking work off of Fiverr.

Why would Fiverr be okay with you do going there? Think about that.

Maybe you’ll get banned. Maybe just suspended. Read the ToS and think more critically .

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I get it. Perhaps I get too up myself. Before Fiverr, I was a hotel manager. For years I’d had to deal with scams like “We are a party of priests. We need to pay via direct bank transfer.”

Maybe I was lucky in that my email and message etiquette was already hardened by the time I started freelancing.

I meant no offense. :wink:

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well it’s just a question… I didn’t accept or asked for anything (I was told until you just talk about something, that something doesn’t become reality / I did not know about this Big Brother thing) … but ok I was careless I’ll admit, I should not have even entertained the idea… never again

" I didn’t accept or asked for anything"

You don’t need to ask for this to be an issue. You implied. That’s enough to get you penalized because Fiverr wants to PREVENT you taking work off. They aren’t going to wait until it’s already happened.

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Interesting point of view… have you seen that (time traveller) movie where the police can see into the future(doesn’t matter how) and they catch “criminals” before they even had committed something… plot twist at the end, their method was wrong, not everything is set in stone…sorry but I can’t say that banning me or anyone fro this would be fair

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You can’t punish someone for simply implying something, there is no such law on earth that says that

… I didn’t even imply was just asking what he meant… :frowning: hmm… man has to be careful what he even thinks nowadays

Whuh… got a message "After reviewing your message we’ve decided to approve it. It was received by xxx atOct 05, 9:10 PM. "

I’m just so glad :expressionless:

Thank you guys who replied to my message I hope this never happens again, I learned my lesson…

Take care all,

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The problem is the terms of service, To use Fiverr, you already agreed not to communicate with buyers outside of the platform.

Even when they are a mile long, you should always read terms of service. I don’t use Windows 10 because of theirs and neither do some former Microsoft engineers.

At least this time, you were made wise to your mistake before you actually made it.

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OH…It’s Minority report :slight_smile:

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