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Will I get in trouble if I draw character from cartoons/anime?

Hi, I was searching for an answer but didn’t find one, so here’s my question.
Let’s say I have a gig where I offer to draw any character from movie/cartoons/anime etc in my style. Is that ok to do?

You might get into trouble trying to sell artwork based upon someone else’s intellectual property. Whomever owns the rights to the movie, cartoon, or anime that you are making money off of, could issue either a take-down notice, or ask Fiverr to remove your gig on the grounds of copyright violation.

You cannot make money off of someone else’s intellectual property, without permission.


Oh I see, so tldr selling fanart is illegal without permission.
Still I’m interested to hear what other people have to say on that topic.

Fan art is usually created for fun. Selling it would be an attempt to make money off of someone else’s intellectual property… which would be illegal, and could get your gig removed for copyright violation.

You do not need other people’s opinions on this. It IS illegal without permission (or a purchased license) from the owners of the intellectual property.


Gothca. Say, can I sell drawing of original character (OC) cosplaying as another character from a cartoon? Or if they have resemblance?

It would be unwise to try to find loopholes that you think would allow you to get away with profiting off of someone else’s intellectual property. Don’t do it.

You cannot profit off of someone else’s intellectual property without a license or permission.


I’m not trying to find loopholes, I’m just asking if it’s ok for my character to have resemblance of copyrighted character? Yes or no question. Because it can be pure coinsidence.

If you are trying to sell your artwork as a copy or specific resemblance of someone else’s work, then yes, it is, and will always continue to be illegal without a license or permission.

Your gig could rightly be tagged for copyright violation if you are trying to profit off of intellectual property that you do not own. Just don’t do it.

I’m beginning to wonder what part of “no, it is illegal”, you don’t understand?


“No, it is illegal” was answer to previous question. It may just happen that my character would have a similar appearance, I want to avoid legal issues if that would happen.

If you’re asking if it would be okay to break the law, then it isn’t coincidence.

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Yeah I know it pretty much seems like I’m trying to break the law, but in reality I (like everyone else) just want to protect myself and my buyers from possible copyright issues. I got your message, it is illegal to sell someone’s character (or resembling character) without their permission.

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You can protect yourself by not doing it.

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Duh, now I know it. Thanks for your time :sweat_smile:

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