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Will I get Level 2 Badge Now?


I just completed 50th order with average 5 star rating, 120 days online as level one seller but my earnings is less than 2K usd. I got a warning for sharing my skype with one of my clients 25 days ago. So my “Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations over the course” is 25 days.

Will I get level 2 badge now???


You will gain Level 2 standing when you meet ALL of the requirements for promotion listed on your Analytics page. ALL of the noted requirements.


isn’t those all applicable from january 15??


Yes, but since that is in two days, it wouldn’t do you much good to get promoted today and then lose it on Monday, so it’s best to just count the actual requirements listed. The only exception might be amount earned since apparently they wouldn’t demote you on Monday if you hit level 2 today with less than the required earnings.