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Will I get my level two removed?

Hi guys! I don’t know if I’m writting cause I need help or just cause I’m so sad I either write this or start crying right now.
Lately I haven’t been getting any orders. At all. With the covid and the current situation in my country (argentina) things are harder than ever and the help that this job provides me would be more helpfull than ever, however that it’s not the case. My page is so dead. I was okay with that, I mean not really but what could I do? just wait.
Two days ago I got an order, I can’t even explain THE happiness I was feeling, since the begging I noticed it was one of -those- clients, if you know what I mean. But I said you know what? it’s fine, the order is already placed and I’m DYING for some work! I was so excited and I swear I put my whole heart in that order, which was 2 portraits that took me 3 days to finish. Today, feeling super proud of the results, I delivered and 10 minutes later I get a cancellation request. I cannot tell you how much that shattered me. The client didnt even ask for a revision, just straight up cancel. I have made many succesfull orders in my life and only had to cancel one time (this would be the second) however, with the current situacion of my page being dead, with this only order my order completion went down to 80%.
Maybe I’m being exagerated, but since I’m not getting any orders at all, I’m afraid this might lead me to losing my level two, that I worked so hard for. I’m super sad and lost, I don’t know what to do or how to fix this.
Sorry for the long text, I kinda needed this. And if someone happens to read it, thank you! x


Sorry this happened to you - sounds awful.

Reject the cancellation request - if you’ve done what was agreed, the buyer has no reason to cancel.

Tactfully point out to the buyer that the portraits are not theirs to use unless copyright is passed to them, which it won’t be unless they pay for it.

You can also offer them a revision.

Never take on a job when there are red flags. It’s not worth it.

If you ask for help under “improve my gig” you will surely get it …

Oh, and by the way, Melissa’s post is useful to help you avoid cancellations in the future:

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Good night. I can sympathize with you and your story is heart wrenching. I have experienced several customers like the one you described above. That customer wanted a free delivery, they never intended to pay and are very dishonest. It is an uncommon way people posing as customers set out to cheat others of their hard earned income and in the case of the customer is always right – they get away with it.

A few customers have used that tactic on me several times and even when I took a break from fiverr they ordered my gig and cancelled then left negative reviews to tear down my business so I feel your pain. What I will do for you as a fellow seller is check out your gigs and placed an order because we are all in this pandemic together.

I also communicate with my clients prior to them placing an order and once I suspect that stunt or of the view that they will use that tactic I respectfully decline to offer my services. I don’t see how on earth it helps them to tear down others who are trying. Your story hit me to my core as I can identify with your experience. You’ll be hearing from me. No matter what happens never give up!

Warmest regards


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Sadly I have already accepted the cancellation request, it was probably a bad idea but I wanted to avoid trouble.
But thank you so much for all the advice, it is really helpfull, I appreciate it a lot and I will definitely check that post out! :heart:

Hi Alpha! I honestly don’t even know what to say, you made me tear up (but not from sadness this time!), this message is so full of good energy and good intentions and I felt every single part of it, so thank you so much for brighting up this horrible day, you have a beautiful soul and I’m strong believer that you get what you receive, spreading this kind of possitivity won’t go unnoticed :heart:

I agree on what you said, this customer definitely wanted free work since they even asked at some point for some free drawings, cause they couldn’t decide on which picture they wanted me to draw so ‘‘they would chose which one to keep once the portraits were done’’ lol, I of course refused to do that. I saw the red signs (which were very red btw) and I wish I could’ve done something but the customer placed an order without even contacting me, so I didn’t see much of an option, and I was also quite blinded from the happiness on finally getting an order after going from getting contacted everyday, to 2 orders in two months.
Sadly this customer got what they wanted, cause on an attempt on avoding trouble, I did accept the cancel request.
But it’s okay, these things happen and we learn from them, and I’m so sorry you had to go trough that several times, I can understand how frustating that is and I hope you never have to experience something like that again.

I want to finish this by saying that sorry if my english is not perfect! I speak spanish. And once again, thank you. I won’t give up :heart: and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you the very best!


I know it feels horrible right now but it actually might turn out a good thing in the future :wink:

Few years ago my sales was also quite slow even on level 2 (and I’ve been there for a long time). And right before Christmas I got a cancellation which also resulted in me being demoted to level one. Of course I was furious at a time but it turned out to be even better. I slowed down and eased my mind after that demotion about all this levels and statuses and next month when I got my stats back and my level back my sales actually started booming again.
I guess nothing changed for a long tome as a level two seller before and sales were slowing down but when I regained it back it seemed to reset things all over again with even more sales than before :wink:

That’s just a little bit of encouragement for you


If you have been freelancing for a decent amount of time you are bound to have a slump once in awhile. It happens to to everyone at some point. The bad news is you could go down a level if you don’t bring your percentage up to 90% by your next evaluation day. The good news is may have some time until your next evaluation. I think the completion percentage is based on sellers last 60 days, or 30 days , it’s one or the other. I would suggest making some new gig cover samples or rotate some of the samples to the cover. Good luck, when the work comes in - it tends to all come at the same time!

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You are most welcome. I know some Spanish too and have a few Spanish speaking friends while working in America so based on your diction and location I could tell that Espanol is your native tongue. :slight_smile:

I am actually on your gig right now and I understand that it’s late but I will be looking forward to a reply first thing in the morning. I admire your personality and your efforts to choose your battles wisely is the best policy.

Have the best night ever! :bouquet:


try to get some job from buyer request I think it will help you to boost up your gig

This is actually so sweet and super motivating, thank you so much for your message! I was super frustrated at the moment because everything just seemed to keep getting worse and worse, but I’m sure better things are coming! thank you again :heart:

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This is so upsetting, I hate how many sellers have to go trough this, I hope you don’t have to experience that ever again. And thank you for your message :heart:

Ouch that would have me pretty upset also. Maybe it was better you didn’t put any time into working on the project- they probably would of canceled anyway. Good luck!