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Will I get my money after gig is denied?

I am working on fiver from last few months. My service is “Finding Expired domains”. I have more than 20 Five star rating on my gig and eared more than $400. Now Fiverr is showing me that your gig is denied because of third part copyright infringement and Denied my two Gigs.

I have not withdraw my money till now, not a single time.

Will I get my money. please answer and support me. it is my hard work money.



Your account’s still active. Are your funds etc. visible in your earnings page?

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Yes, it is visible

Why not just withdraw it now if it’s available?

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what is the reason of a gig will be denied?

It is just a silly mistech by fiverr. Nithing else.
My gig service is just suggesting domain name. there is no any third party involved still they saying that it is third party violation.