Will I get my sales back?


I got a bad review because I wasn’t able to deliver on time during the holidays. I am a little mad because I was almost finished and told him I couldn’t deliver on time before he ever ordered the Gig, but anyway I hear a lot about how people don’t get any more sales after one bad review. Is this probably going to happen to me? I can’t even offer my Gig via. Buyer Requests which was 90% of my sales.

Plus, for anyone who is interested, here is one of my Gigs: http://fiverr.com/lilredwriter/write-a-3-page-short-story-with-your-idea--2

I will write two pages of a story with your idea. You can go up to 30 pages when ordering multiple gigs. All of my Gigs (that I have delivered) have gotten great reviews.