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Will I get project money after decline the buyer dispute?

I delivered high quality logos to my buyer but he is saying the quality is poor and has sent me dispute for cancelling the order.
Now I have decline the dispute and I also have sent him message that sir kindly tell me that what mean are you taking by high quality even I have given you a high printable quality logo. And I have also told everything to fiverr Customer support and I think he has accepted my logo but want to take this in free because I delivered him logos full fledged and without any watermark etc.
So my question is that will I got the money of this order as I have decline his dispute.

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Hi @sunnykingkoh ,

The only way how you can get money is to buyer complete order.
So, if he satisfied with new logo which you sent, and he confirm delivery and complete order, you will get money for that order.

You will get your money as soon as the gig will get market as complete

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