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Will I get the real buyers from Social media?

Many of us tell the new sellers to share their gigs on the social media, but some of experts says that in social media you won’t get the real buyers rather you get some impressions but not get any order from your potential buyers.
So, my question is, how much is this idea is true?

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Truth: you won’t get real buyers from social media for the following reasons:

-Facebook: your friends, family, and other people you met don’t need your services
-Youtube: unless you are popular, no one is gonna notice your youtube channel and services promotion
-Twitter: same as youtube
-Instagram: same as Facebook and Youtube unless you have an enterprise website related with your instagram where you can share projects
-Quora: a place where everyone throw their gigs
-Discord: unless you belong to big streamers community and working for a big streamer you know as a friend and would share your gigs with other popularities.



I think, I got a very genius type of idea from you. Yes, I used to thought once that I need to create a professional, business and entrepreneur type of account on twitter, instagram, quora etc to get the trust from the people.
Thank u.

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