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Will i got banned? i already got 2 warning in past

My buyer candidate force me to sell my service at the lowest price he can find


I already say i cannot because what he sees the only half body and he needs full-body illustration.

I am very tired and follow his flow, he is the type of seeking mistake.

now i got warning.
and i already got 2,
should i worry about this, and will i got banned?



You need to remove the name of the buyer from your screenshot as that is not allowed on the forum.


Thank you for remind me


In the screenshot, fiverr support says" this is your first warning"


I really believe i already got 2 warning.
Year ago.


I think those will not count, if those were received years ago.


is there any expired system,
from whay i understand it is permanent


If your previous warnings were counted then you have been banned now with your third warning.

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i believe, it is how banned work?
i mean when i will got banned after i got 3 warnings?

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His account is still active.

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i ams till active,
but as long i remember i already got 2 warning, and this is my 3rd, and that is because someone report me, my buyer candidate force me to sell my service with lowest price he can find and i already explain that is not how it is work.

It means they didn’t count your previous warnings.

how long it will be reset, i mean i remember this is my 3rd…

is it effected immedialy or sooner or later i will got banned?
can i request to pull the warning?

i wanted to change my gig, but when i try change i cannot beacsue it still on review.

Your buyer did not force you to “sell a service at the lowest price”. Instead you agreed to become a victim of their bullying. There is a massive difference. You could easily have said ‘no’ and asked customer support to cancel the order. As a seller you need to retain control of orders at all times.

I would politely suggest that there is something in the way you deal with buyers that allows them to take advantage of you - leading to warnings. You’ve used the wording “buyer forced” at least twice in this thread. The buyer never forces anything - it’s the seller who allows it.


This can’t be done. A client can’t force you to do anything.


He cant. In the end he reported me

Reported you for what?

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if you get warning three times a month then it’s pretty sure you will be banned but if fiverr consider that’s the different case.

He said my gig misleading and i already explained what is show it “start” not include source files etc

You have a communication problem. Your english is quite iffy, and that will lead to people taking advantage. Your communication must be on point if you want things to go smoothly and to be protected against buyers trying to take advantage.

If you show a basic price of $5 and it accurately describes what you will do for that price, the client can’t complain if they want more for that price and you refuse - Fiverr CS should check the gig and clearly see you are not falsely advertising.

However, if the price shown does not accurately explain exactly what the service is, or it’s written in broken, hard to understand language, the client has a much better chance of having CS side with them.

This will also depend on your gig description. I have a disclaimer on all my gigs saying that the prices shown are ballpark values, and that each project will be priced individually, since what I offer can’t be neatly arranged into set prices, it varies way too much depending on the project. Never had any problems with it, I’m transparent about it. Talk to me, I’ll give you a price. It may be lower than the shown price, or it may be higher, it depends on what the client needs.

Btw, this is part of your bio “if you like my gig press the “ORDER” button for order and share it with your friends and family.” You’re actively telling people to order straight away, without talking to you first. Don’t be surprised if you get a bunch of people ordering the cheapest option, regardless of what they want done.