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Will I lose my money if I am restricted?

If I choose not to verify my id I heard that my account will get restricted does that mean that I cannot use the money I earned as a seller in balance to buy things anymore? Will i lose the money in my balance? I am a minor and currently don’t have consent of my parents to give ID, j don’t I can do anything to convince them will I lose all my money?


Last time I had to verify something (my phone) the process bug and I was not able to verify in time. My account was simply disabled. I withdraw the funds, delete it, and come on a few years later, after they fix the bug. Another bad experience on Fiverr


So I won’t lose my money?
Also will I still be able to use the account for buying after I’ve been restricted?
Also if the balance is still pending will I lose that?

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You will not lose your funds, but you cannot withdraw them for 90 days.

So essentially I won’t be able to withdraw but can I use the pending cash when it goes to my balance for fiver services?

That is a question for CS. But, nonetheless I think you do not have access to it for 90 days.

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Why won’t I have the funds why would fiver lock it for 90 days

I just looked at your account, it appears to be okay. You said it was restricted.

If Fiverr closes your account it says in the TOS that your funds will be available to you after a 90 day waiting period.

How were you going to transfer the money you made here if your parents (seem as though) they didn’t agree to your freelancing here?

If you do not validate your identity, your account would then become restricted, and it would take, as others have said, 90 days before you could access those funds. You may need to contact customer service to explain your issue.

Do your parents know you have an account here?



It’s a question to ask to Fiverr support

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Just hope you are more than 13.
But I don’t think the fact you are minor is a cause of blocking.
You just have to prove your ID.

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No you can use your money because risrticted for some period which can be 3 month after that you can recover your money or widraw your amount …its safe and sound don’t worry

Yes, it will.

Yes, it does. If your account is restricted, you can no longer buy or sell.

You’ll be able to withdraw your funds after 90 days… If you can withdraw them at all (the withdrawal methods are PayPal and Payoneer, and you have to be at least 18 to use either).

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