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Will I lose my money?

Hey guys,I’m a newbie, I hired someone on fiverr but now I can’t contact him for 4 days.How should I do? My money will lose? Can I refund from him?

My suggestion, cancel the gig after letting him know that you are willing to work with him if he needs more time, but you must hear from him. Many of us are busy, and need a reminder. Some are trying to accommodate and think they will deliver before the time ends. If you don’t hear, tell him you are canceling and will reorder when he contacts you and lets you know he is ready to fulfill your request in a timely fashion Good luck. :slight_smile:

If you’re not sure how to request the cancellation, look on your page with this order on it. At the top of the page, next to the tab showing the order number is a link to “Resolution Center” where you can ask to cancel the order. Your money will be credited to your Fiverr account as soon as the seller agrees to it, too.

Has the completion time on the order run out (have a look, there is a clock at the top).

I am in the same situation. He marked the ordered delivered the day I ordered it. I have sent several messages asking if he is going to actually deliver what I ordered, but there has been no response. Now, the order is marked complete and I still have not received my order. How do I cancel or get a refund now?

Reply to @rbishopcmt:

Sellers can’t just mark gigs/orders as complete - we have to physically deliver your gig through the correct channels. It is up to you to review the work and reply within 3 days if you need a modification. If you don’t reply, Fiverr will mark the gig as complete after 3 days.

I wish people took a little time to understand how Fiverr works before rushing in with orders and then blaming the sellers due their own misunderstandings.